“I was short of breath”: this is how the president of Atlético de San Luis lived the symptoms of coronavirus

In interview with ESPN Radio Formula, the boss of Las Tunas explained the symptoms he had when he tested positive for coronavirus. "I tested positive and entered a difficult phase because I was short of breath, the fever came and went”he pointed out.

To get out of the disease, Marrero Díaz said that he follows the measures of the health authorities, such as withdrawing from other people. "Being isolated and carrying medications, lots of paracetamol; as I'm already passing the peak of the disease, from Sunday or Monday the pain when breathing will go away "he pointed out.

Although the manager is in better health, he clarified that he needs about a month to recover from the disease. "After approximately one more week you are already immune to the virus, but it takes 25 to 30 days to be 100%"he assured.

The president of the potosinos also spoke of the match of day 10 of the Clausura 2020, between Atlético San Luis and Puebla behind closed doors at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium. He assured that he felt sorry for being present in the duel.

"More than the disease, my pain was that I was greeting the players, I will not deny it, also to those from Puebla, to the people who were in the stadium. After all, it was my responsibility not to have gone. What kills me was endangering players and all attendees that day, "he said.

When the positive of the manager was confirmed, the campotero president, Manuel Jiménez García, declared to Millennium what Marrero Diaz had no contact with managers, coaching staff or players from “La Franja”. Now that the president indicated that he did have contact with players, until this Friday afternoon the poblano club has not ruled on the matter.

Finally, the leader from Las Tunas pointed out that several players had symptoms, but those cases were ruled out by health tests. "I gave positive on Tuesday, Wednesday, four players tested them, but they came out negative; nobody has any symptoms and all have given negatives ”, he concluded.

The tunera institution confirmed the positive of its president this Tuesday through a press release, which he published on his social networks. "By this means it is made known to them that our president, Alberto Marrero Díaz, presented symptoms related to COVID-19 ", is read in the message.

The Atlético de Madrid subsidiary in Mexico indicated that, This Monday, March 16, Marrero Díaz underwent the test corresponding to the protocol issued by the Ministry of Health. In addition, he reported that they received the results this Tuesday and noted that they were positive.

"Atlético de San Luis, today is more committed to health, therefore he calls on all the fans and the general public to stay home if possible and continue with the recommendations made by the Secretary of Health of the State Government with whom we are working hand in hand, ”added the people from Las Tunas in the statement.

At present, in Mexico the number of cases of COVID-19 increased to 164, reported the Ministry of Health until the cut of this Thursday, March 20. The agency confirmed in a press conference at the National Palace that 2% require a higher valuation.

The current status of the 164 positive cases is as follows: 87% were ambulatory and did not require hospitalization. Of the 10% of cases that did enter a hospital level, 8% remained stable. According to the dependency, all scenario one is covered with the available inputs.