Coronavirus is already a labor problem for Spanish football

The coronavirus pandemic is already having an important impact on the world economy, in the Spanish labor market and how could it be otherwise, in the Spanish soccer health. The clubs, meeting periodically with Javier Tebas via telematics, have put on the table in recent days the possibility of using the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) in their entities and agree on a common salary drop in their professional staff. And, for now, reactions to these proposals are occurring in a double slope. On the one hand, the president of LaLiga has appealed for calm to resist like Las Palmas and not follow in the footsteps of other non-professional clubs (Castellón): The employers are working so that the losses, which could reach 700 million, are the smallest possible. And on the other unions are informing their footballers of what their rights are in the face of this uncertainty, in which a club receives the same treatment as a company, at the same time that they are already addressing strategies to monitor possible irregularities.

“We must not confuse the state of alarm with the state of illegality,” said David Aganzo (AFE) yesterday. in a letter requesting communication from the Ministry, CSD, RFEF, LaLiga and, above all, protection for soccer players. Do ERTEs in professional football it would be, according to union sources, “crazy with which we would collapse the system. “That is why responsibility is demanded with public money and that there is no hysteria.

The current situation it is new to everyone. Hence, the experts consulted, most of them lawyers, jurists or trade unionists, cannot cope with all the doubts that come to them since the sports laws they have a gaps before such phenomena. “The coronavirus will suppose a turning point and everything will change after that”, ensures an important pillar of the RFEF. This crisis will force modify contracts, the sources of financing and the calendars. But now, the priority is focused on approach these urgent intentions of temporary layoffss in the clubs, being the 2nd B, the Third and women's football the categories that more worry (10,800 players affected) by having fewer resources and by depending more on cash daily that they provide, among other things, box office. Here the pillería is feared and that the crisis is used for spurious purposes.

The CSD already published the measures with which the sport will benefit and the clubs do not want to waste them. A right what generates Doubts. “In the professional football much of the budget depend on audiovisual income and your income are going to be maintained. Besides, the RFEF has already said that it guarantees all committed payments … What is worrying are the other categories “, they assure from the traditional unions. Therefore, the sources consulted agree that the labor authority, through their provincial directorates, they will have to determine what is force majeure and what not, making clear that an ERTE is not a dismissal, that this situation does not justify it and that, as soon as the competition resumes, the players must compete again and collect their salary. “If the ERTE was thrown at Burger King, it wouldn't be crazy that also pass with the clubs “, assures a captain, unionist, Second.

Just in case, AFE has sent its affiliates all kinds of information regarding ERTES. There it is clear that they would charge “70% of the contribution base in the first six months and then 50% taking into account the partiality”. The document recalls that only the quoted salary will be the one that counts to calculate the unemployment benefit. AFE includes examples of minimums and maximums for each player to do their accounts.

ON footballers It also did the same to fight disinformation and anxiety: It clarifies to members that in the case of ERTE, the club must first report it to the labor authority and start a negotiation with the entire staff. “And he adds: The measure must be justified. The club is not obliged to grant aid, but at least the law requires it to negotiate. During the time of suspension you have the right to collect the unemployment benefit. It is possible that you do not have the minimum contribution time to be entitled to unemployment (360 days), but the Government is studying the possibility of solving it. “

Unions want to make clear to clubs than an ERTE supposes the total suspension of the contract, so you couldn't even train. And they open a debate in the middle of the war economy: “Is LaLiga going to restart with low players, whether infected or quarantined?”