“I underwent surgery seven days before playing against Rayo”

Cadiz Shield / Flag

First debut. “Debuting in LaLiga Santander is a great joy for all footballers. Happy to debut and a little sad about the result. After months of personal suffering, it is a joy to see that the effort and sacrifice has led me to debut in First Division ”.

Injuries at the end of the season. “The end of the season and the summer has been difficult. Several injuries after confinement hurt me at the end of the league stage. I had to undergo surgery a week before playing against Rayo, it hurt my leg because we focused on recovering the finger and we forgot about other discomforts ”.

Secret operation. “It was thought it was better to keep it a secret so as not to give clues to the rival. I had surgery 7 days before the game against Rayo. Alberto was suspended, I had to play and I did not want to miss the opportunity. The day I had surgery, I didn't know if we were going to be able to do it, but with the work of the physios and with the intention of everyone, I was able to play. The overcoming is there. I tried to give everything to try to play. The operation went well, they put three screws in my finger and for the result we got in the end I think it was quite positive ”.

Cervera's trust. “I have always felt the confidence of the coach who I have to thank for everything. I came to succeed, to do my best and to be given that responsibility, and playing both in Second and First, for me it is a very nice satisfaction ”.

Thoughts before playing in Primera. “You think of all the years of sacrifice, including the last. Since childhood, in which you imagine yourself playing in Primera and the effort of my family to take me to training ”.

The Huesca. “We are in a superior league, Huesca has strengthened, the mentality is different. It is very nice to fight for a promotion, but now we are fighting for a permanence. We will play against a rival that has strengthened and is a better team than last year ”.