“I don’t fuck… married guys”

The princess of the people and the ex of Antonio David Flores have heated up the atmosphere this Tuesday in a face to face that took place on the set of It’s not like we were shhh. Belen Esteban y Marta I can They have sat down to iron out the differences that have been going on for a couple of years but far from solving their problems, they have ended up throwing things at each other. Or rather the darts: “You screwed up my life with what you said. You don’t give it to me, Marta, I can’t handle you”Paracuellos’ began.

“You and I have experienced many things in the hallways. I caught you one day and asked you if you were lesbian or bisexual. Be careful, you can eat the pussy of whoever you want.”Belén continued saying. “Just like your tails, right?”, responded the second one, very upset. A display of finesse and elegance on the part of both that lasted for several minutes: “I eat my husband’s cock, not anyone else’s”Belén defended herself, who has taken a run and mercilessly attacked her guest: “What I don’t do is fuck married guys. I don’t do that”has said in clear reference to the relationship between Marta and Antonio David, who was married to Olga Moreno when he started dating the young reporter.

The tension grew by nanoseconds: “Not man, but your husband did fuck others”Marta said, remembering Miguel Marcos’ infidelity when Belén was in the house of Big Brother. “He wasn’t my husband, he was my partner”, Paracuellos responded very upset, getting up from her chair and gesturing with her hand. “He wasn’t my husband, he was my partner, so make no mistake,” she repeated on a loop. “And the best thing I did was forgive him because it strengthened my relationship. Just so you know. What I don’t do is fuck married guys.”

The host, Maria Patino, tried to calm the beasts without much success: “You’re both going to respect me,” he shouted out of his mind. Riesco applauded Belén’s attack with an ironic smile: “Feminism…”. “No, I’m not a feminist like you are now with Rocío Carrasco, who has already given birth to Olga, and now you are her friend. False! It is better for you to come here and give another face but you don’t give it to me. Maybe yes to these, but not to me,” said Belén, upset.

The situation has finally ended with Esteban leaving the set (“Take away the microphone”) and Marta threatening to leave: “It’s gone too far. They call me ‘husband fucker’ and I’m sorry, aunt. And what if I eat pussies?” Come on man! With a pending trial with Anabel Pantoja, please, María,” Marta said to Patiño.