Belén Esteban explodes against Alicia Senovilla for showing images of her daughter and fuels the war between the two: “That’s mine”

War has broken out again between Belen Esteban (50) y Alicia Senovilla (55) after the second program, on Telemadrid, showed this Monday images of Andrea Janeiro. Something that has deeply bothered the town’s princess, since her unclosed scar with the Madrid presenter is added to the fact that her daughter is an anonymous person and she does not want to be part of this world: “They will not be allowed to post more images of her”Belén said very indignantly.

“Don’t take more images of her because a judge gave her anonymity”the collaborator stressed this Tuesday from It’s not like we were Shhh. And he recalled that she does not talk about her daughter on television, despite how proud she feels: “I don’t come to my program to show everything I have about her because I would do it with the greatest pride in the world”.

In this sense, she has explained that she is not going to allow her daughter’s image to be used in certain spaces, and even less so in programs for which Belén has no sympathy: “That’s mine and my family’s. I’m not going to talk anymore. Not a single image.”. In this sense, he has warned: “We have already won several lawsuits. If she doesn’t want to leave, don’t fucking get her out”.

And along the same lines regarding his daughter, who is looking for a future outside our borders, he stated: “I talk little about the pride I feel. Nobody knows how happy I am, mine and the people who love me know.”. It must be remembered that the young woman, who turns 25 on July 20, trained in Communication studies in England and continues to train and work in the United States, where whenever she has the opportunity she receives a visit from her mother. and Miguel Marcos. It is in California where she continues to achieve goals, away from the media spotlight and the media interest aroused by her parents in Spain.

Belén Esteban and Alicia Senovilla

Where does the controversy come from? What happened between them? How did you meet? Belén Esteban’s first job on television was on the program like life, in 2000, a morning show broadcast by Antena 3, produced by Martingala, and presented by Alicia Senovilla. Belén participated in a section commenting The bus, the reality show that that television network then offered. Subsequently, the former Jesulín de Ubrique became Taste of thewith Ana Rosa Quintana, and later ended up on Telecinco.

But the first time we learned that the relationship between Alicia Senovilla and Belén Esteban did not end well was as a result of an interview that the presenter gave to Ecoteuve and? had a response from Belén Esteban since Save me. It was in 2018. In February of last year the war between the two was reopened with these words from the presenter about Jesulín: “Many times his voice has fallen silent because someone spoke louder.” “It’s like the Christmas lottery, every year the prize comes out,” Belén reacted from the extinct Save megiving rise to a new intersection of statements.