“I cut off his left hand, then his elbow and then…”: this is how Daniel Sancho reconstructed the crime before the Thai police

daniel sancho remains in the Thai prison on Koh Samui awaiting the closure of the investigation and the trial date for the alleged murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. After this weekend his father, Rodolfo Sanchoset course for Thailand to visit him for the first time in prison, new information about the case comes to light.

The images of the reconstruction of the events before the Thai authorities have been disseminated. The images have been offered this Monday, September 4 by the Sonsoles Ónega program on Antena 3.

Sitting on the bed of the hotel where the crime was committed, Sancho explained to the authorities: “We talked about various things (…) He told me that he wanted sex and I told him that I didn’t want to do it anymore.. He told me that I was his. So, I got up, took a step back and punched him.”

The handcuffs were then removed so he could recreate the scene more accurately: “He started yelling at me and I started to raise my voice, then I got up, he took a few steps back and boom [haciendo el gesto de un puñetazo] And he fell to the ground.”

Sancho Gracia’s grandson later explained: “I grabbed his head with both hands and threw him against the wall.. She hit herself and in a few minutes a lot of blood began to come out. The whole floor covered in blood.”

After narrating what happened, he also assured: “I stayed there hanging around. I was there for two hours.” Later, she reacted: “I dragged the corpse into the shower. I put him in the kennel with his head in the drain and I used the hose with hot water so that the blood would not coagulate”.

And he added: “I went for the bags, the machete and the saw. Then I flipped him over in the shower and turned him upside downI took his wallet and watch and I cut off his left hand (…) Then I cut him by the elbow and then… Uff”.

During the reconstruction of the events before the Asian police, Daniel seemed surprisingly calm, as in the rest of the images that have been released since his arrest. Edwin Arrieta died last Wednesday August 2 in a Koh Phangan hotel. Presumably at the hands of the 29-year-old chef, who confessed to his murder and dismemberment.