Del Nido Carrasco: “Sergio Ramos has given up a huge amount of money and wanted to reconcile”


The vice president of Sevilla, José María del Nido Carrasco, is clear that the signing of Sergio Ramos means “many things such as prestige and cachet” and praised that the player himself has given up “a huge amount of money” to join the club where He grew up soccer and with whom he “want to reconcile”

“This signing means many things such as prestige, cachet or being a world champion raised here. It also has the hierarchy and ambition of the club, titles… It is the return home of the prodigal son, we could say,” admitted Del Nido Carrasco in a interview with the club’s official radio.

The manager acknowledged that, “at the beginning of the summer”, he had established “a policy to return to the business model with young players, unknown or with capacity for surplus value”, parameters in which the Camas “did not fit due to his seniority, even though it’s very good.”

“I was the first to say that there was no possibility and I said it from the conviction. The president (José Castro) and Víctor Orta (sports director) have also said it. It was marked by the Management Committee as a parameter,” he added to the regard.

However, “the market has evolved” and that has caused a change of opinion in the club, which also enjoyed “a little more than a salary limit.” “Among all of us, we value the incorporation of Soumaré, Mariano and Sergio Ramos. At that time in the market those parameters had to be modified and we opted for him. We all had a videoconference and it sounded like music to his ears and with all the desire he has to pleasing and removing his thorn we quickly convinced all of us that it was the best for Sevilla”, stressed Del Nido Carrasco.

The Sevilla vice-president insisted that he ruled out the youth squad player “from the conviction” and because of “the established parameters”, and “not because he was not a candidate”. For this reason, he removed all responsibility from Víctor Orta on which he sees “unfair to focus these criticisms.” “I was the first to say that message and there have been many motives and reasons that have changed to make this decision,” he stressed.

“We have a young defense and Sergio’s experience and ambition can help us so that Nianzou, Kike Salas or Gattoni grow by their side. Víctor’s thing is unfair because he has always spoken as a spokesman for the Committee. In fact, we value the option of us We had expressed our opposition, but if it is good for Sevilla, we cannot be slaves to our words. It was opportune and good for the club to change our initial opinion,” the manager concluded.

On the other hand, Del Nido Carrasco confirmed that Sergio Ramos “has given up a huge amount of money to return” and that “he was overflowing with joy, illusion and ambition” when they met him. “He seemed like a youth with the desire to return and wanted to reconcile. The first thing he did is apologize for making a mistake, as we have all done in our lives. He loved the idea of ​​Víctor and the coach and ours, that of the president and mine. Everyone like motorcycles for their return”, he concluded.