Hugs, laughter and complicity in Madrid

Enjoying walks, laughter and hugs around Madrid. This is how we saw Miguel Urdangarin A few days ago with Olympiaa young Venezuelan woman he met this spring in Geneva. At 22 years old, the youngest son of Iñaki Urdangarin and Infanta Cristina could not have started the summer better.

The brother of Irene Urdangarin, whose relationship with Juan Urquijo became known three months ago, He was photographed getting out of his car at a gas station in the capital. Here he was very affectionate with his partner, a young woman with long blonde hair with whom he demonstrated to have very good chemistry, as reported this Wednesday. Hellowhich, however, stresses that The two young people are not dating, as they have “just started”.

Dressed in comfortable clothes with jeans and a sweatshirtthey headed towards an unknown destination, although the publication points out that it is likely that they were on their way to Los Molinos, Piru Urquijo’s farm where Juan (Piru’s grandson) and Irene would be waiting for them.

Felipe VI’s godson, who turns 22 on April 30, is a marine biologist. She completed her higher education at the University of Southampton, at the National Oceanography Centre, and now intends to take a postgraduate course. For several years she has been living with one foot in Geneva and the other in Madrid, where part of her family is waiting for her. However, her life in Switzerland is always simpler. There are not always cameras lurking around.