Mar Flores jumps on the bandwagon of exclusives brought to her by her grandson

Is not that Sea Flowers on the cover of Hello It is a novelty. In fact, the imposing model is one of those characters who revisit the magazine from time to time to cash in, pose and rant with any excuse. These admirable summer portraits already justify the exclusive even if the Usera native does not speak, but, in addition, now she has the perch that justifies the presence of the stunning grandmother, ex of important businessmen or blue-blooded nobles like Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, Alessandro Lequio Di Assaba o Carlo Costanzia of Costigliole. She doesn’t talk about the Mexican Elías Sacal, but she herself describes what her next love should be like: “Someone like me, with a lot of energy, who loves to travel, to dance, who is positive, who is not jealous or sexist and who understands that women can have our professional and personal independence.”

The weekly dilutes as best it can the only reason that places Mar Flores on its front page, that is, as its main sales claim. The poster says that Fernando Fernández Tapias’s ex “takes stock of his life at the age of 55,” although they fell on her almost a month ago. Of course, Mar Flores, who does not like to comment on anything about her life if it is free, expands on her dreams and talks about her children, especially the one who brings her the most unexpected news. Her son Carlo announced on the same cover days ago that he is expecting a baby with Alejandra Rubio in December. Both the granddaughter of Maria Teresa Campos As her Italian boyfriend, they protected the secret of the pregnancy, aware that the exclusive would not only bring them huge profits for a while, but that the event would multiply by many the value of the caches of everything that surrounds the Campos and Flores clans, directly or indirectly. That is why when we caught Alejandra Rubio with three pregnancy tests leaving a pharmacy, the young woman burst out into a kind of nervous laugh. Carlo did the same when he was asked about the matter. There was too much money at stake to admit the truth for free. They are from the school of lifelong exclusive sellers. Those who only talk about their life when they get paid. Mar Flores speaks this Wednesday on Hola and she must not have given away her words.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to study major courses”

“Life has taught me a lot. I haven’t had the opportunity to study majors, because I haven’t been able to combine them, since I had to work, but I have my life experience, which has been very intense, and that’s very tough,” she says, perhaps to disguise the fact that she hasn’t studied any. The Madrid native became a mother for the first time at 24, the same age as her ‘daughter-in-law’, Terelu Campos’s daughter. “I’m happy if my children are happy. Carlo is an adult man and, therefore, I’m not one to question his life and, of course, I will always support him as a mother,” she says before confirming that she has already seen the future mother: “We met by chance somewhere. I see my son Carlo more serene. If my children are fine, I’m fine, the only important thing is that. Whether they get married or not, or who they are with, it doesn’t matter,” she says.

Mar is a mother first and foremost and says that what worries her most at this age is not having enough energy to help her children grow up: “I’m worried about this crazy world we live in, about whether they’ll know how to cope well, because there’s a lot of information and you have to know how to manage it intelligently, and as a person, as an independent and hard-working woman, I’m a little worried about the moment when I’ll have to start to stop working. Maybe that’s what worries me most, but as I’m very creative and very stubborn, I’m going to make sure it’s as late as possible,” she admits with a laugh.

Over the Rumors that he has a bad relationship with his son Carlo, She explains it like this: “I had one of the happiest and most peaceful birthdays of my life, happy with my five children and, the next day, I see published in two media ‘Mar Flores’ saddest birthday’. ‘Ugly, sad, her son Carlo didn’t go…’. I’m about to call the journalist and have him see me in person, to see if I’m depressed and sad. Let him see how I smile with my children and how much fun we all had. The journalists were at the door of my house and saw that my oldest son arrived first. I understand that it sells more to tell the opposite,” she says.

He doesn’t blame Carlo for anything but he says this: “Life is precisely that: trial and error. Learning from mistakes and, as far as possible, not making them again, at least the same ones… I insist a lot with my children about this: it is okay to make mistakes, but it is even better to learn from mistakes, that is what makes a person grow stronger. That is why I have a lot of family life. I like to be there when they make mistakes, to give them my support and explain to them that they have to keep moving forward.” For Mar Flores, it is uncertain whether any time in the past was better: “Whatever comes next will be better than all the past together, because I feel better than ever,” she reaffirms. She says that her time in the past has helped her to be stronger. The challengeand that she has discovered that she is “resilient.” She also criticizes some of the criticism she has received, saying that the most important challenge she has faced in her life is that of this “macho society,” she reflects.

“A sexist society”

“I have had to face a society that, although less and less, was very sexist in its time. I have been judged in a different way than other people, men and women, and I think that with time things fall into place, and whoever is interested will see it,” she says in Hello“There have been many people who have asked me for forgiveness for having prejudged me. I was talking about a sexist society before, but we also live in a society with many prejudices. When you hear a lie twenty times, it may seem like the truth, but it isn’t. And if the person you have to contrast it with doesn’t want to talk… that’s where the problem arises. Today, I don’t want to get into those things,” she concludes. “I have been judged differently from other people, and I have never really understood why. Whether because I was a woman or because it was me, but the pain remains there. When one remains silent, one does not always agree. One simply remains silent because one is broken, and it is not the time to defend oneself. Time helps to put things in order,” she predicts.