Hugh Jackman shows the new biopsy of his skin cancer: “Put on sunscreen”

With a bandage on his nose, sitting at home in front of the camera, the actor Hugh Jackman reveals that he returns to the fight against skin cancer: “This is something that comes from 25 years ago and comes back to me now. Put on sunscreen.” These are words from her campaign on her networks in her effort to spread the importance of protection against the sun’s rays. The protagonist of Wolverine he has undergone a new biopsy to analyze the state of his carcinoma.

“If you see me on the street like this, I want you to know it for me,” he begins by counting. the actor of the great showman has undergone two biopsies. “The doctor still doesn’t know what it is. I’ll know in three days. As soon as I know, I’ll tell you. I just want to remind you that in the world of skin cancers, carcinoma is the least dangerous of all.” Jackman takes advantage of his intervention “to also remember that no matter how much you want to tan yourself. Trust me, trust me, trust me,” he insists up to three times. “Put on sunscreen.”

“I’ll keep talking about my basal cell carcinomas if I have to. If just one person remembers to put on a high SPF sunscreen, I’m happy,” she tweeted. Since the first time he spoke in public about his skin cancer, the actor has starred in an awareness campaign against exposure to sunlight.