Ancelotti: “We are not going to go crazy for scoring a goal”


The Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has assured that “no” they will go “crazy” for scoring a goal in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals this Wednesday against FC Barcelona at the Spotify Camp Nou, despite the fact that they start at a disadvantage due to the defeat in the first leg, and has indicated that “it is not” convenient for them to make a change in the system because it can only “surprise yourself”.

“The idea is not to go crazy to score a goal, because you can score it in the 90th minute. The idea is to play a complete match, handle it well with or without the ball, control it well. In the first leg we controlled it well, although We didn’t hit a lot nor did we arrive many times. We’re not going to go crazy for scoring a goal. If you play a complete game, you’re going to score the goal”, he declared at a press conference.

In addition, he considers that the team is “motivated and focused” and with “good feelings after the game against Valladolid.” “We are at the top of the game, we are very confident that we are going to do well,” he said. “El Clásico is always the most important game for Real Madrid, for the fans, for the players, for the coach… It’s a very big rivalry, period. It’s a game that would allow us to play another final, which is the goal It is an important competition, we are close to playing a final and we will do everything possible to play it”, he added.

“Reality says that we have a disadvantage and that we have to recover it. We have 90 minutes to do it. It’s going to be a very even match. I don’t know the favorite of the match, because being an even match the small details are going to determine it,” he explained. , without wanting to delve into the fact that Xavi Hernández has beaten him in the last three games. “It is very difficult to do individual confrontations between coaches. Barça have beaten us in the last three games and I think it is time for us to win,” he pointed out.

The Italian coach was convinced that he can surprise his rival “with small details” and that he is not considering a change of scheme. “For a team it is difficult to change the system when you train for a year with the same system. You can surprise your opponent, but the most dangerous thing is that you surprise yourself and your players. I am not going to advise a change of system. Small details, a set piece, a foul… can create surprise. The change of system will surprise you, it doesn’t suit you”, he stated.

“If we talk about energy, it’s clear that intensity in this type of match is important, as it is also important to manage the game from behind; an effective start from behind can give you an advantage in transitions. It’s a game in which there’s a lot of pressure, it may be that the experience that veterans have is an important aspect. These are things that can be evaluated, not just one thing. If I think that only energy is important, I will put energetic players, but I do not think so. It is a important pass of the match, but as other aspects are important”, he continued.


In another vein, Alcelotti assured that Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are still “untouchable” even if they don’t play. “Modric is untouchable, he was also untouchable in the game against Valladolid and he spent the game on the bench. There are many untouchables here, but then you have to choose an eleven. It seems that it will be a game in which only eleven will be protagonists, but I have to think about the resources I have on the bench, which can be important as they were last year. Starting the game is not the most important thing, the important thing is to try to be protagonists, also the players who think they are not going to start the game,” he said.

“If I have to talk to all the players who are going to stay on the bench, I’m going to get tired. They know that if they need to talk to me my door is always open. This group of players doesn’t ask for many explanations, they understand the situation, the moment, you know it’s a very competitive squad, so my office is empty,” he continued.

He also did not say whether he will continue to trust the scheme with which they fell in the three previous Classics, with Camavinga, Kroos and Modric in the middle Valverde, Vinícius and Benzema above. “It’s an option, but you also have to assess that we’ve done well in the last three games. We don’t only look at the result when it’s positive; the last three games were very even, we were very close to winning the last one at the Camp Nou. It may be that I make a different line-up and it may not, but the line does not change, which is to play a complete game. The last two, at the level of play, have not gone badly”, he pointed out.

The white coach, who revealed that Antonio Rüdiger “is ready to play”, also analyzed the differences between Aurélien Tchouaméni and Eduardo Camavinga. “The most difficult thing is to choose, always. The footballer’s mentality hasn’t changed: he wants to play from the beginning, he doesn’t mind getting into the game. There are more than eleven who deserve to start. Tchouaméni contributes a lot defensively, cutting passes, in pressure… Camavinga, with the ball in small spaces, has important quality, it’s difficult to put pressure on him. Camavinga has taken advantage of this moment, he has played many times as a full-back and pivot. Aurélien has had a harder time coming back from the World Cup, but now he is very well, he has returned to his best level”, he stressed.

“When the ball is released, each one has different individual characteristics. It may be that Alaba will help us more in this regard, but the combination, movement, and good positioning are important. When starting from behind, and it’s hard for me to say, the The most important player is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the player who has to use the exit from behind the most,” he added.

He also talked about what he asks of his sides. “In evaluating the individual characteristics of the players, we have to take into account that we have a very busy left wing with Vinícius, so we don’t ask the left side for as much arrival, we ask him to control more. On the right wing it depends on whether We have Rodrygo or we have Valverde; if we have Rodrygo, the right wing is well occupied, but if we have Valverde, who is more inside, we ask the right back, especially Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez, more arrival. focused on full-backs who always have to attack, it depends on what they have in front of them. Usually, we don’t ask the left-back to arrive”, he insisted.

Lastly, Ancelotti explained that he sees the players who finish their contract as “very focused and motivated”. “To think that ending the contract affects these players, no, not Nacho, not Ceballos, not Asensio… They show it, because Asensio ends his contract and played a spectacular game against Valladolid. It doesn’t affect, I don’t have to tell you nothing because they are 100% professionals,” he said.

“Each one has to evaluate the role they have. When you finish a contract you have to make that evaluation: how much prominence I have in this squad… If you want to renew it is because you like the role you have and it motivates you. It is an agreement between the club and player”, finished, without speaking of if it will continue like trainer madridista. “I don’t talk about my future,” he pointed out forcefully.