How to get to the top three spots during the Browns playoffs

It looks like the Cleveland Browns will be in the playoffs, however it’s still not sure what place they will be in. Based on the results of the AFC playoffs, they could get the first, second, or fifth seeds.

Most likely, they will be the 5th seed and play their Wild Card around home game. They could get a first or second seeds.

though, which could provide them a week off or the chance to play in the Wild Card game.

upon the Cleveland Browns successfully clinched up a playoff spot in Week 17, the city is still partying (and getting better).

But there remains a lot of things about the game that no one knows. It didn’t take long for the Browns to make it into the playoffs.

In Week 18, they can make their own plans, but this also leaves room for some interesting things to happen.

Because, as we already stated the playoffs are tricky, they are needed for the balloting process.

Before we penned that story, we thought Cleveland could have been to the mix for a Final Place spot up until the final seven days of the season. Fans of the Browns can now look forward to many more good things.

The top a trio AFC playoff places (first, second, or fifth) are still up for grabs beforehand another game in Week 17.

The Browns will likely be in fifth place within the conference and will have to play in the road in the Golden Card round. But this isn’t a given.

It’s possible that Flacco’s return and the way the Browns play could have an immense impact on their chances to reach the playoffs and staying in the league.

This could also have an effect on Flacco’s career. The Eagles are likely to be picked first in the NFC playoffs 98% of the time.

They will either lock up the top place or the NFL East title if they win one more game. There is an extremely remote possibility that the Cowboys won’t lose to the Eagles the following weekend and win their division.

After clinching first place, the Eagles will not be able to play their players; they’ll have a week off.

The Vikings are unable to accomplish much worse than third place since they won the NFC North. They are one game ahead of the rival 49ers for second place.

It’s up to the 49ers to break the tie if both teams end up with the same record while the best score in their conference.

They are additionally going to maintain that rule in case the 49ers and Vikings are tied at the end of their regular-season game.

The 49ers took the NFC West, so third place during the playoffs is the worst thing that could happen to them.

They are only allowed to play for the second seed right now, so they want the Vikings to lose so they can try to win all three of their remaining games.

The 49ers are a team that are going to use Brock Purdy, the third-choice quarterback, even in the playoffs because of the other players.

Purdy needs to keep upward his good play for the team. A great offensive line, the best defense across the league, and playmakers all around him make things happen.

The Buccaneers are one game ahead of the remaining three teams in the NFC South via just one game left in the season.

Anything could happen since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t been playing well. They nevertheless remain the favorites to win their group, though. They have a 72% chance of winning the NFC South and getting a fourth seed (538).

The Panthers or Falcons aren’t likely to beat them, even though they haven’t played well. If they did, they would lose their division title.

The Cowboys are almost probably in fifth place and will be going to the playoffs. They aren’t going to be until either the Eagles lose or the Giants of New York won their last games.