How the princess protected her entry

Kate Middleton’s most difficult year began on January 16. That day she was admitted to the hospital where she underwent abdominal surgery, as announced by the Royal Family a day later. The only person we saw entering the medical centre to see her was her husband, William. It so happened that within a few hours, King Charles III was also admitted to The London Clinic. Both, father-in-law and daughter-in-law, shared moments of struggle and overcoming in the corridors of the clinic and have become inseparable. Now details of those days in the hospital are coming to light.

The 42-year-old princess underwent abdominal surgery. During that hospital stay, Kate kept protecting her three children as her top priority. She didn’t want them to see her in bed, hooked up to tubes and IVs. It was the number one reason for her and the reason no one visited her, except her husband, according to Kate. TatlerIn fact, we saw the heir enter the clinic a few hours after Kate was admitted. However, out of respect for privacy, the cameras did not take any more pictures of William, either when entering or leaving the centre.

The children of the Princes of Wales have always been at the centre of this Kate process. Charles’ daughter-in-law managed a tsunami of memes and fakes news Kate was in a very different situation, and she was concerned about her health, the images of her supposed doubles and the reasons why she did not appear in public. In the end, the well-being of little George, Charlotte and Louis was Kate’s priority. It was her number one priority. She expressed this in the video she broadcast to the world in March, when she revealed that she had cancer, confessed how she was feeling, and why she did not appear in front of the cameras. “I’m going to be fine,” she said.

Now the date is approaching when we could see Kate again. This Sunday, July 14 in London, in the Wimbledon final. A goal that is getting closer for Carlos Alcaraz. Will we see Kate presenting the Grand Slam trophy to the Murcian?