Carlos Herrera supports the Government’s conspiracy theory against Nacho Cano for being a friend of Ayuso

Carlos Herrera supports the Government’s conspiracy theory against the producer and former member of Mecano for being a friend of Isabel Diaz Ayuso: “Yesterday, the Interior Ministry carried out another of its propaganda operations, in this case against Nacho Cano,” said the journalist from Almería in his Cope programme. “Yesterday, The Ministry of the Interior perpetrated another of its propaganda operations in this case against the musician Nacho Cano, Malinche’s music producer Nacho Cano was detained for a few hours accused of employing illegal workers. Illegal workers who were actually interns, with the regime that corresponds to them,” the announcer commented. The regional government of Madrid remains silent regarding the incident.

“Why this disproportion, why did they have to detain this man for three minutes, four, I don’t know how many, just to say that he had been arrested and so that the news would be all over the websites. Are we going to have a string of these things during the days in which Begoña has or does not have to testify?” the communicator asked.

Let us remember that on the morning of this Tuesday The National Police arrested Nacho Cano in Madrid after the agents received a complaint in which he is accused of a crime against the rights of the immigrant population and against the rights of workers for allegedly hiring illegal immigrants for his musical Malinche.
As we reported, the producer was released pending a court summons. Cano said in a press conference that the person who had reported him was a “troublemaker.” The investigation began months ago with a woman filing a complaint about the young dancers from Mexico who were selected to participate in the musical and were rotating in the show. Nacho Cano was arrested as the sole administrator of the company that manages the musical. The musician denies having brought Mexican workers illegally to Spain. “They are doing training, but many of them are on stage,” he said.

The theory that Nacho Cano supports and that Carlos Herrera supports

The founder of Mecano explained that a dozen police officers went to the premises to question the young people, who filed 17 complaints for “inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible, coercive treatment by the Police.” Cano’s lawyer, present at the press conference, pointed out that “all the people who are hired as interns are in Spain legally and have requested their study permit in due time and form.” The lawyer admits, however, that “they are waiting for those files to be resolved.”

The theory that Nacho Cano maintains and that Carlos Herrera supports is that “the only reason” for his arrest was “for supporting Ayuso”. “They have already gone for her boyfriend, for her father. This is to settle the charges against the wife of the President of the Government”. “If they are going for me, they are going for Ayuso, we must divert attention from the investigation into Begoña Gómez,” he insisted. “This is for supporting Ayuso, they have already gone for her entire family, I was the only one left.” “If they find me dead in the ditch, you already know who it was,” added the artist, after accusing the police forces of following “an orchestrated maneuver” and of having wanted to “intimidate” and “coerce”. Nacho Cano was awarded the regional Grand Cross in 2021 by the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Cano returned the honor and took off his sash to give it to the president: “For being such a good president, you deserve the medal,” he said then.