He scores 34 points, along with Lillard scores 31. The Cavaliers try to come back, but the Bucks stop them and win 119–111.

April 17: Cleveland On Friday night, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Cleveland Cavaliers from a score of 119-111.

That’s a lot of points and rebounds for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Damian Lillard tallied 24 of his 31 passes in the second half.

The third quarter was what made the difference. Milwaukee beat Cleveland 40–21 to come back from being down 15 points and take back the lead for good.

Antetokounmpo and Lillard either scored 14 points. The Bucks are now third at the NBA with a 24-8 record.

Antetokounmpo stated, “When you give the possession to both of your strongest players, you’ll get excellent results.”

“I’ll be poised to provide a substitution as well as get a pass for the other players if you are interested in double-team Notre.”

Adrien Griffin, head coach of the Bucks, said, “The trip was hard, however it’s been worthwhile it.”

“It’s so easy to give upwards, go back to your house, and be considered happy with.500 basketball right now,” he said. “But it’s a great way for us to end.”

The Cavaliers made an enormous turnaround in the fourth quarter, but Milwaukee came right back to win after falling back by 15 points to the first half.

Damian Lillard was a big part of that because he scored ten points to the last few minutes. In the second half, Lillard scored 24 out of his 31 points.

Because he was called for so many fouls in the first half, he only managed seven points. Donovan Mitchell scored 34 points, grabbed six rebounds, and passed the ball nine times for Cleveland after being sick over four games.

Allen scored 30 points, and that was the best game of his career. He made 15 out of 17 shots, grabbed 12 boards, and gave out 6 assists.

Mahlik Beasley scored 15 points and made five three-pointers for Milwaukee. Khris Middleton had the most assists this season with 11.

He scored 13 points. Brook Lopez had nine points, ten boards, and six blocked shots.  “I thought we did everything we could to break folks down from inside at tonight,” Lillard told me.

In the second half, he made 11 out of 11 free throws. “Our group is getting bigger, and we’re becoming known.” In this game, I believe it is clear.

Darius Garland, the point guard, will be out after February alongside a broken jaw, and 20-year-old power forward Mobley needs surgery on his knee on the left.

This dropped Cleveland’s record to 5-2. Craig Porter Jr. scored 14 points at ninety seconds of play in the last quarter as a rookie who wasn’t picked in the draft.

As a team, they miss 37 of 43 3-point shots, which was their season low. There were six shots that neither Georges Niang nor Caris LeVert made.

According to Adrian Griffin, the coach of Wisconsin, “We made it important to protect the boundary for three rebounds because they’ve played really good ball.”

The Bucks played four games away from home and won serving of them. There will only be one home game left before their next eight-game series, which all take place in Houston on the January 6.

Lillard, an essential player that the Blazers bought off-season, has scored an average of 26.3 points in his final six games.

“Dame is also a guy who has the ability to take over an affair by himself,” Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff said.

“He and their services are impossible to contain, so you need to discover a means to make your response work better.” It’s not easy.”

Allen made his first nine shots and scored 18 points in his first half, giving Cleveland a 59–53 lead during the break. He scored 14 points, grabbed six rebounds, and passed the ball five times in 19 minutes.

This guy Allen is “a giant; he’s tough to prevent,” Antetokounmpo said. “He has a lot more good stats now.” You can’t really stop this big guy from hitting you with hook shots and jumping shots.

Both teams are owned by the Haslam relatives to which also has the Cleveland Browns. During the break, Griffin told Lillard, “We’ll be fine if you get going.”

Mahlik Beasley recognized he had to play defense again because Lillard had to score.

“I was truly mad,” Lillard said of his 13-second, 26-second break showing. Play in the next quarter was cut brief by fouls, and the game ended after only 86 seconds.