“He owes 386,000 euros and has declared bankruptcy”

His breakup with Maria Jose Suarez After three years of relationship, he has unleashed a media tsunami in which he has become the absolute protagonist. This Monday, the alleged infidelities and lies of the rider are joined by new and controversial information: Alvaro Muñoz Escassi would have, at least, two debts with former partners that add up 386.000 euros and which does not seem willing to pay: “It has declared bankruptcy.”

Information that contrasts with the words that Escassi himself offered last Friday in his most anticipated interview: “I’m living a very sweet moment in my life, my work is going very well, my projects, my family, my friends…”. According to Kiko Matamoros, María José Suárez’s ex is lying. “I have known Álvaro for quite a while and I have a good relationship with him, but I know more, I want more and he is a soul friend, who was his partner in the restaurants”he said in It’s not like we’re shhh. “This partner could write a book about all the economic dirty tricks Escassi has done to him. Escassi cost this man 86,000 euros, one on top of the other.” The commentator also explained that “he has tried to report it but it is insolvent.”

This would not be Escassi’s only debt: “He left a 300,000 euro pile of money to a well-known Portuguese businessman after trying to set up a restaurant”. To which Kiko Hernández added: “Escassi owes so much money that by far MasterChef that he did… I mean that he lives off women.”

A controversial interview

Escassi sat down on Telecinco last Friday to tell his version of the breakup with María José Suárez after his infidelities with a trans woman came to light. He admitted to this sexual relationship and others, but justified himself by saying that his relationship with the model was “open.” Something that she was quick to deny: “What a disgraceful character.”

The soap opera has only just begun: Escassi’s lover will be on the cover of the magazine Readings This Wednesday, as we reported in this digital, and Suárez is negotiating with Antena 3 to respond to all of her ex’s “lies.”