Friends, a boat and an exclusive dinner on the shores of the Mediterranean

A new stage begins for the sisters Carmen and Sabina Thyssen. The daughters of Carmen Cervera They came of age last Saturday and celebrated it in style with their group of friends in Sant Feliu de Guixols. The day began with a boat trip with a large group of friends with whom they enjoyed swimming, a solarium and a jet ski ride. Carmen, the most extroverted and public of the two sisters, called to continue her mother’s legacy, rode the waves tightly around the waist of a young man with whom she seemed very comfortable.

As evening fell, the gang docked at the port and headed to Más Mañanas, the estate that Tita Thyssen’s father gave her for her marriage to Lex Barker, which has a magnificent residence of 257 square meters and panoramic views of the Mediterranean. According to La Razón, they enjoyed a dinner with birthday cake and candles that the two sisters blew out together.

Just one day earlier, Carmen had made her debut in her first solo act, replacing her mother at the opening of the ‘Entre Obres’ exhibition at the Espai Thyssen. Dressed in a simple black dress, she appeared very confident, smiling and even said a few words to thank all the guests for coming: “Good afternoon. I am very happy to be here, in front of all of you, representing my mother, to welcome you to this magnificent exhibition. I hope you enjoy it very much. Thank you.”

The heirs of the baroness

Carmen and Sabina were born via surrogacy in 2006 in Los Angeles. Since then, their mother has been dedicated to offering them the best education and facilities. After finishing their studies at the International Baccalaureate, they went their separate ways: Carmen will study Business Administration and International Relations, aware of her responsibilities with the family business and with the world of art that she is called to face. “I have never told them what to do because I believe that they should be the ones to choose.”. You can give them advice, of course, without forcing them. I would like them to dedicate themselves to managing the museums that we have and Carmen is determined to do so,” said her mother a few months ago. After considering Harvard University, she will finally stay in Spain.

Sabina, on the other hand, is more shy and introverted than her sister, but is passionate about the arts: she plays the piano, sings (she has been taking classes for years and has a soprano tone) and draws, so her education will continue along those lines. Probably not at university.

Before they came into the world, the baroness said to herself: “The first born will be called Carmen. And she is like my mother, serious, disciplined…” She told this in another interview with her favourite magazine, to which she also spoke about Sabina, whom she named after her grandmother. “She was like me, a bit of a rascal,” she said, defining the young woman as “an artist” who “tells stories through comics. And she picks up the accent of any language. She seems to be Russian, English, Italian or American.”