“He hit my body”: they denounce the pilot Carmen Jordá, formerly of Fonsi Nieto, for an alleged double hit-and-run

The facts denounced against the pilot and model Carmen Jorda, 34 years old, occurred on March 9 in Pozuelo de Alarcón. According to the complainant, the woman from Alicante intentionally ran over her with her vehicle at the gates of an aesthetic center. All after the athlete, allegedly, refused to pay a treatment of 300 euros and the saleswoman claimed it.

“Carmen started her tourism, activating the reverse gear, hitting my body several times. I went to her to inform her if she was aware of the barbarity she was doing to her, answering: ‘If I’m running over you, take away‘”, expressed the alleged victim in her complaint, as Ana Rosa’s program has counted this Thursday exclusively.

Later, in the words of the complainant, Fonsi Nieto’s ex “reverses hitting my body and I am thrown about three or four meters. I fell on the vehicles that were parked in the opposite place.” He adds: “After these two events, Carmen Jordá left the place in a hurrycirculating with the passenger door open, my boss also having to get out of the way”.

It all happened after the pilot allegedly refused to pay for the treatment she had undergone at the clinic: “After its completion, the woman is informed of the amount. And at that moment she states: ‘I don’t have to pay anythingI have a trade deal.'”

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According to the complainant, the athlete’s treatment allegedly bordered on “vexatious”: “Raising her voice, demanding that the treatment should be received as she wanted and desired, leaving my professionalism and work ethic in the background.”

On the other hand, the clerk assures that she has had psychological consequences: “Since it happened I have suffered from generalized anxiety, I am very nervous, I have difficulty falling asleep, I have an apathetic behavior. I don’t feel like talking or going out on the street I can’t find a logical explanation for Carmen Jordá’s behavior.”