“He extorted my mother for some videos”: Lucía Rivera talks about her deep disappointment in her biological father

He insists that it is not an autobiographical book, although the truth is that Lucia Rivera He has captured his personal experiences in his work to try to help other people who feel identified with his story. The young model deals with issues as delicate as the sexist violence that she suffered in her first relationships with boys and also talks about her parents, her adoptive (Cayetano Riveraalthough he refers to him as C. to “protect him”) and the biological one (whom he got to know in person, as he has told on other occasions).

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The daughter of blanca romero has granted an interview to Susanna Griso this Friday on Antena 3 to talk about Nothing is what it seems, which can be purchased from this Thursday, March 22. “It is not an autobiography, for the record, because I am very young. I wanted adolescent people who had these types of problems to know about it and to be able to help in some way. I don’t think I can help as a psychologist, but if I can help the least, I will.“.

In this sense, the model wants to convey that she has also had problems in life, like any mortal. She is not exempt from them because she has famous parents: “I’m a little nervous. I didn’t want to victimize myself or make a drama out of all this, in the end it’s someone’s life. I like to tell it and it’s been like a break because they had created a fictional character of me, which did not exist. It’s like you’re successful, successful, beautiful… And maybe I never saw that.”

problems at birth

Her mother, who brought her into the world on September 11, 1998, had complications during childbirth and the consequences were painful: “She did not want a cesarean section but in the end they had to do it and both femurs were broken at birth“.

Victim of sexist violence

The young woman suffered mistreatment in two of her relationships, in the first two: “It is unfortunate that they were the first. Sexist violence is super bleached in adolescence and there is sexist violence in adolescence. I don’t think we are more aware. You normalize it. It’s your first time. When you meet your first love, you don’t think there is another way to love.”

So, he did not take the step of telling anyone what was happening. She did not even tell Blanca: “My mother was not aware of anything. It is the first thing they take care of, isolating you and making you feel guilty“.

The consequences of this relationship also affected her health, as they affected the congenital hypothyroidism she suffers from: “I went to an endocrinologist and he told me I don’t know how you can be walking, how you can literally be alive, because I had 92 thyroid and the maximum is 6. So I said: ‘I have to get out of here’. My mother was the first to tell me: ‘To Madrid'”.

his biological father

The identity of his father has always generated great media interest. Blanca, in the summer of 2015, took the step of sharing a photo of her daughter’s father on the networks for the first time. She now, she remembers how she went through the process of wanting to discover, in her childhood, who was her parent.

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“I didn’t find out much either. I was ten years old, I found out over time. Obviously when a girl is adopted she is intrigued by genetics, especially when you go to the doctor.” They met when Lucía was 11 years old. She herself asked her mother: “It was an unfortunate meeting. I had put him as a superhero. I think that all adopted people experience more or less the same thing.” They kept in touch but everything went wrong: “When I met him it was all good until he did it from behind“.

In the book he elaborates: “My father had not come to meet me. The villain had come to extort my mother and ask her for money in exchange for some videos from when she was a child and they had relationships“.

About Cayetano Rivera

Her mother, Blanca, married the son of Carmina Ordoñez and Paquirri in October 2001 and the little girl, as the Asturian and the bullfighter wanted, adopted their last names. One of the most remembered images of the ceremony was the one in which Cayetano, Blanca and Lucía passed by the hand in front of the Church of San Pedro, in Gijón, once the sacrament of marriage had been celebrated.

Lucía, in the book, refers to her father by his initial: “Because of the controversy. Everything generates controversy. I don’t know what I have. I prefer above all to protect himI don’t want it to be mixed if it doesn’t want to. I didn’t discuss it with him. In my own way, psychologically it was like protected”, has sentenced.

In this interview he did not talk about Eva Gonzalezbut he does in the book: “I know that at first and in his own way, my father fought for me. And as expected, he rebuilt his life with a woman who, at first, to his chagrin he only disguised his displeasure towards me“.

Her words about her father’s ex-wife have generated a stir in recent days and she has tried to justify herself this Friday: “All the headlines are misrepresented and I repeat again that I do not get into these issues and I will never do it because it’s like pleasing people (…) It’s my story, my life… It’s a story. What do you want me to do? May it all be flowers and wonders? I think this has happened to a lot of people.”