CF Intercity, the first football club in Spain to be listed on the stock market and active in the First Federation, has closed its first week on the Ibex Growth Market 15 with a positive increase in the volume of its operations, exceeding one million shares per day , as reported in a statement.

The Technical Advisory Committee of the Ibex Growth Market 15 incorporated CF Intercity into the index, a modification that came into force as of March 20. The Ibex Growth Market 15 measures the behavior of the 15 companies with the highest trading volume in the BME Growth segment of the BME MTF Equity Market.

This index, which was previously called the Expansion SMEs Market, changed its name last October and the adjustment of the indices was made at the close of the session on Friday, March 17.

From CF Intercity these data are valued “very positively” since it is attractive to potential investors, by making the entry and exit of investments flexible, demonstrating the confidence of the investor who sees in society an emerging value in the markets BME Growth.

The CEO of CF Intercity, Antonio Gallego, believes that the project is taking hold among potential investors. “The work carried out by the company’s management team reaches the investor, who knows more and more about CF Intercity’s future project. This investor confidence reminds us that we continue to work on a good line, open to changes, but with a clear and defined strategy, reinforcing our business model”, he said.

On October 29, 2021, CF Intercity became the first football club in Spain to be listed on the stock market. In just five seasons it has risen to the First Federation, the prelude to professional football.