Hazard, in the hands of Zidane

Eden Hazard joined the Real Madrid preseason yesterday after the national team break, in which he went with Belgium as he always does. Not only is he their flagship player, he is also the captain of the team led by Roberto Martínez. And as the leader of the dressing room, he was called up by Belgium for the two matches of the Nations Cup, as he stayed on the bench in the two matches against Denmark (0-2) and Iceland (5-1) . In this national team break, which coincided with the start of the Real Madrid preseason, Hazard's presence with his country so as not to participate for a minute It has generated discomfort, understanding that it has delayed its set-up. That set-up with Madrid started yesterday and now Hazard is in the hands of Zidane, who must decide how to get the Belgian to reach his zenith: based on playing or based on training.

Roberto Martínez already warned: “Hazard is not 100% yet, he is not in top form. He needs a rhythm of matches ”. The coach did comment that the Belgian is medically full, but that is not the case at all: Hazard's first training session with Madrid in the 2020-21 season consisted of physical therapy and gym sessions to strengthen his right ankle, of which he was injured twice last year to the point of needing surgery to change a poorly sealed titanium plate, as a result of an operation during his time at Chelsea.

Madrid makes its official debut in the 2020-21 academic year on Sunday, September 20 at Anoeta, against Real Sociedad. With less than ten days to go, Hazard is unlikely to arrive to meet in optimal conditions. Roberto Martínez believes that the Madrid player needs between 45 and 60 days of training to reach that point, a long time in which Zidane must study how to face his case.

Last year, the Frenchman had it clear: that Hazard finds the way playing. The Belgian started the season with a muscle injury, but as soon as he overcame it, he was a regular in the eleven until PSG's visit to the Bernabéu, in which he suffered the first of the two serious injuries that his first season at Madrid gave him. The question this year is that Hazard starts with a much more experienced and well-versed squad, especially in the eyes of Zidane. Last year it was a matter of finding a companion for Benzema and Bale (who started the course as a starter, but later fell out of favor); now Hazard has to compete with Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio …

Together with Hazard he was in the Bale gym, which started his work last Wednesday after being concentrated with Wales, with whom he did play a good handful of minutes: 135 'between the two meetings of the team that Giggs directs. The Welshman arrived claiming a blow to his right knee and they have been training for two days inside the Valdebebas facilities, also waiting for the situation to clear up for him.

From Wales he sent a message to Madrid about his future: “It is in the hands of the club. But he's making it very difficult … ”. In England it is already reported that Madrid is willing to pay a part of its card (14.5 million euros clean per season) in order to find a team in the Premier. An idea that does not displease at all to another Briton who wore the white shirt like Steve McManaman: “I hope Bale can go back to the Premier and be a top player. He has suffered various injuries, in recent years he has not played much, but he should be fine. I do not know if he can leave the club, if Madrid wants to be paid for the transfer. But he has to play football, at Madrid or at another club. In England they want him to play and they would like him to return to the Premier. SIf it's not at Madrid, I should try another club. “