This Tuesday, key day in the motion of censure against Bartomeu

Jordi Farré, promoter and legal representative of the attempted motion of censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu, appeared at a press conference this Monday at the Collegi de d'Enginyers to explain the news of a process that has four days left and in which the eight opinion groups and three candidates who want to overthrow the current president need 16,520 valid signatures for the motion to be put to the vote. Once reached that point, the motion of censure would be successful if two-thirds of the votes are in favor of it.

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Farré announced that the Mes que una Moció platform will make public this Tuesday the number of signatures it has collected. It will be the second and last official count before September 17, the end of the deadline to get the 16,520 necessary to take the motion to a referendum. In addition, Farré presented a platform for telematic signatures, although Barça has already made it known that the valid ballots will be those signed by the traditional method. Right now, despair spreads, much more between the crossing of accusations of last week between the candidates.

“The motion itself has not started yet because This begins once you have collected the 16,520 necessary to take it to a referendum and, therefore, we are in an ordinary process validated by the General Secretary of L'Esport, “said Farré, who appeared after a last week of trouble in which, from the other pre-candidacies, he was accused of taking advantage of the signatures of the motion to take data from the partners with a view to their candidacy and even to be a submarine of the Bartomeu board to send the motion to hell. Farré denied those accusations.