Guardiola stings Mourinho

Pep Guardiola has unearthed his particular rivalry with Jose Mourinho, one of the sharpest in recent football history. Engulfed by the last twist of the mystique of Real Madrid and the Santiago Bernabéu, the skyblue coach was questioned about whether it was a failure not to have reached the Champions League in these seven years after investing more than 1,000 million euros.

“For me it’s not a question of money and the fans don’t understand it. Even Roma spent several million but they are not in the Champions League”, answered the man from Santpedor, that to defend himself he surprisingly brought out the figure of the Portuguese coach, in the front line of the media after returning to the team yellow and red to a European final, that of the Conference League, 31 years later. Precisely, by chance or not, the man from Setubal boasted of being a Real Madrid fan after that and wanted to congratulate Carlo Ancelotti.

“Yesterday I spoke with Ancelotti. Madrid is in my heart, I am white, white, white, it is the biggest club in the world. I am a good friend of Carlo, I know that he is happy for his Roma and for his partner Jose. Let’s see if these two young coaches are going to win their finals…”-

Some statements that raise the level of the controversy around the figure of Guardiola after those carried out after the first leg against Atlético de Madrid and the famous term, “prehistory”. Now, Mourinho’s turn to reply is expected, since 2019, when he criticized Manchester City for excessive pressure on referees during matches when he was a DAZN commentator, he had not addressed his football nemsis.