Griso feels the pain of her friend Paloma Cuevas as her own and lashes out at Ponce and Ana Soria: “I don’t know what they win”

Susanna Griso followed with expectation this Tuesday the interview of Enrique Ponce y Ana Soria in the anthill. The presenter has been especially touched by sensitivity because she is a friend of dove caves. These days, in addition, he uttered some controversial words about the young woman from Almeria that generated a great impact and for which he even had to make a nuance.

This Thursday, the presenter of Public mirror has gone further. She has not wanted to go into details of what she has spoken with her friend Paloma after the interview, although she has found it difficult to hide her indignation.

“We can only say congratulations to Pablo for having obtained the interview. It is true that as a couple I don’t know what they earnThey have a lot to lose and little to gain. If they wanted an image wash or make the relationship official, I don’t know to what extent it has served them…”, he assured in the morning of Antena 3.

Later, she has chosen not to speak more than necessary: ​​”I do not want to talk about this subject, firstly because I am not objective because I love dove so much. I do a minimum exercise of empathy and it was not a tasteful dish someone go on television and tell how did you meet the other…”, he lamented.

Afflicted by media pressure, the Chiva bullfighter and the law student sat down in a prime-time program to drown their sentences and regret the treatment they have received, according to them, by the press due to their age difference. During the interview, Ponce also gave some statements that caused some confusion about when their love story began: in August 2017 when the young woman was 18 years old or in August 2019, as Ana affirms, when she was 20. Either way I mean, at both times he was still married to Paloma. Years later, the Cordovan businesswoman has recovered the illusion in her love with the singer Luis Miguel. He deserves it.