Grandfather Don Juan Carlos consoles Froilán and is already looking for another job for him in Abu Dhabi after being unemployed

It’s an open secret that Froilan He has not yet found his place in Abu Dhabi, where he lives under the lap of his grandfather Don Juan Carlos. The son of the Infanta Elenawho recently returned to Madrid again to spend time with friends and enjoy the capital, has already finished his job at a major oil company and the father of Philip VI, at 86 years old, is already looking for another job in the Emirates. Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón is a young 25-year-old entrepreneur. He proves it…

The collaboration of Vic Borbón’s brother with the Emirates oil company ended a few weeks ago and he is now looking for employment. “For days the emeritus has been working on his agenda to try to help his grandson position herself in the Arab business sector, where he already has some experience,” they slip to The Digital Confidential.

It must be remembered that Doña Letizia’s nephew-in-law also worked in the organization of the 2023 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, something that has already surprised everyone and everyone: “COP28 is already over, but Froilán does not exclude following a spend more time there. He wants to find work and is very excited.”

Jaime Marichalar’s son moved to Abu Dhabi about a year ago. On his last trip to Madrid, he shared a night out with some friends in a restaurant near Retiro, in the Niño Jesús neighborhood.

Although Jaime de Marichalar’s son focused these months on preparations for the climate summit, COP 28, and on his work at the oil company ADNOC, he has not yet found his place there. He traveled to Madrid at the end of October to congratulate his cousin Leonor on her 18th birthday. He also returned for his mother’s anniversary, who blew out 60 candles a few days before Christmas. He saw his Borbón family again on his grandfather’s famous birthday, January 5. A great event where Sevillanas and the Macarena by Los del Río were played. The emeritus himself has acted as host with him. It has even been published that he could have given her a 500 square meter penthouse, in addition to his job at the oil company, which he would have obtained thanks to his contacts. During Holy Week, Don Juan Carlos and Froilán could receive a visit from Infanta Elena in Abu Dhabi.