Eva Navarro: “Now we experience the prize and the reward of everything we have been working for”


Team forward Eva Navarro celebrates that the national team is “now” experiencing “the prize and reward of everything” they have worked for in recent months, after winning their first World Cup and a ticket to the Paris Olympic Games, although she insists that they are an “ambitious” team that wants to “continue making history” by lifting the Nations League.

“The team is very eager to face that final. It is true that we have qualified for the Games, but this team is working hard to be able to arrive and deliver. We are going to compete very well against France, which is going to be a very difficult rival “, stated Eva Navarro in an interview with Europa Press, before facing the galas in the Nations League final this Wednesday (7:00 p.m.).

Montse Tomé’s pupils will fight for their second title in six months, in the first edition of this tournament. “We are a very ambitious team, we want to move forward,” said the Yeclana, who also remembered the semifinal against the Netherlands, a victory (3-0) that gave them the Olympic passport for the first time in the history of the team. “It was a pretty complicated rival, but we did a very good job,” she highlighted.

A duel that Alexia Putellas missed due to her physical problems, although for the Murcian “she is a player who should be” in this concentration. “She is a leader, she helps the younger ones. Although she did not play in the semifinal, she helps us a lot in training, she is a very important piece,” she defended.

“And then that final against France is going to be a prize. It is a very contested match because they have very fast, very powerful people and we are working very well to be able to stop them,” he analyzed his next rivals, without forgetting that the goal of Paris is already It’s in the pocket. However, the Atlético forward insisted that the team wants “both things, to be in the Games and win this title.”

This opportunity comes after landing the first star of the absolute women’s team, something of which “little by little” they are “aware.” “I stop to think about what we have achieved, I see photos around the residence and at the end you say ‘damn, we have won a World Cup’. And now we can also make history: win the first Nations League, and we are going to do it,” said Navarro .

“I couldn’t imagine winning a World Cup, I couldn’t imagine it could be achieved, because all the teams there were were very competitive and very good,” confessed the red and white, although she admitted that it was “a matter of time” for Spain to win a title. at an absolute level, because they have been fighting hard for many years.” “Now it is the prize and reward for everything we have been working on,” he confessed.


This status as world champions and having set “the bar very high” makes Spain the rival to beat. “Now we have to continue working on a physical level and improve to be able to continue up there. Of course everyone wants to beat Spain, wants to beat the world champion, as happened to us before with other teams. But we think about working, continue doing what we are doing,” he argued.

“Spain is a team, with very veteran people who push us forward, who help the younger ones in everything. We are very strong in everything and after all the bad things we have been through, you can see that we are a team,” he said. that of Yecla like the Spanish fortresses.

And they also enjoy a more “calm” environment after the storm of instability that shook the team after the World Cup, which made them go through “difficult times.” “We are happy and eager to win titles. Montse (Tomé, coach) helps you in everything, she is very attentive to you, and that is very good. Her coaching staff is also working a lot, individually as well, and in the end that will be see it reflected. We are a team,” he highlighted.

On a personal level, winning the World Cup changed Navarro’s “life.” “It is an honor that a person stops you on the street and knows you because you are a world champion. It is an honor that more and more people are paying attention to women’s soccer, we are champions, I am very happy,” she said.

“I didn’t expect so many people in Madrid, with the bus, the truth is that it was a bit of a ‘shock’, we were in a bubble. Seeing all those people supporting us is an incredible satisfaction,” she added about following the fans during the celebration of the trophy in the capital.

Thus, Navarro understands that “in a matter of months” this will translate into tickets to follow them in the stadiums. “It’s a matter of time, people will come to see us more and more if we continue making history and continue doing the work we are doing today,” he warned.


The Atlético de Madrid footballer is enjoying one of her best sporting moments after, at only 23 years old, having overcome two serious knee injuries. “I have had a pretty bad time, I have worked a lot to be here, because on a technical level it is very complicated to be on a list,” she said.

“In the end I have received all the rewards of all the bad things I went through. Mentally you have to be very well, they are injuries from being alone for a long time, from working a lot on yourself, getting to know yourself. Being mentally healthy is the main thing,” she added about the complicated recovery processes that he had to go through.

At the national level, Navarro pointed out that League F “is growing more,” because “a few years ago it was a little like that if you compared it to other leagues.” “But today the teams are becoming stronger and it is difficult to get into the Champions League or win the League,” he said.

“It is true that a couple of years ago or three years ago Barça was at a very high level, very different from the rest of the teams. But today the teams are stronger, we compete more, we make things more difficult for them. It is a matter of time before everything is equal,” wished the Atlético player.

Finally, the soccer player set her next big goal as “winning this Nations League and hopefully being able to go to the Games” with Spain to fulfill “a dream since I was very ‘little'”, in addition to participating in an absolute Euro Cup. “And at the club level, I want to be in the Champions League, Atleti deserves it,” she said.