The madridista fans they are in luck. The miseries they can already request your tickets for your trips in League, through from the Department of Peñas. Until now it was not possible due to the COVID regulations. Remember that the last displacement for which tickets were sold was for the exit against Betis in March 2020, when the whites fell into the green and white fiefdom by 2-1, before the championship was suspended due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The first displacement this Granada, where the whites play this Sunday (4:15 pm), although it is not expected to be a massive trip … Above all, for the ticket price that the Nasrid team has placed: 120 euros. Together with the match schedule, he has thrown back many fans who were waiting like rain in May to see his team away from the Bernabéu. For the next exit, ante la Real society in San Sebastián (December 4, 9:00 p.m.), the San Sebastian team has set the price of 55 euros per ticket for Madrid fans.

The miseries must request their tickets with a minimum of two weeks in advance. The security protocol that was stipulated in 2015 will surely be carried out after the incidents that happened between the ultras of Madrid and Copenhagen with those of the Swedish Malmö: those who travel they will be summoned to a local hotel, there they will be delivery of your localityAn identification bracelet will be placed on them and they will have a limited area in the stadium so that all those Madridistas who attend are concentrated. Little by little, normality also returns to the world of football and the Madridistas will be able to accompany the white team.