Grace: “We must value the ability not to decline”

The coach of the Valencia, Javi grace, affirmed after the tie at two against Real Sociedad that in this match we must assess the ability of the team not to decline despite having reached the break with a 0-2 disadvantage.

“We did not start badly although they had more possession, but we cannot afford the luxuries of missing clear chances,” said Gracia, referring to the penalty missed by Carlos Soler with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

“At halftime we were affected, but we fought and we drew. In addition, in the end we scored lower,” continued the Navarrese coach, who regretted that his team gives an advantage to the rivals with rectifiable errors.

Gracia pointed out that she does not have her mind on the end of the season but rather on preparing each game in the best possible way based on ambition and will to obtain victory, while she indicated that she tries to make the most of the resources available to her. .

It also ruled on the expulsion of Maxi Gomez with a direct red ten minutes from the end and indicated that it is an action that they should try to avoid regardless of what it entails at a specific moment and on the contribution of the footballer to the team, he admitted that he has problems seeing the door, but that he contributes and proof of this are the penalties it has caused.