The four decisions of Pizarro Gómez that condemned the Real

Any adjective that can be put to the performance that the manchego perpetrated yesterday Valentine
Gomez In Mestalla it would surely not be to the liking of a referee who crushed Real, especially in the second half, being decisive for Valencia to overcome a match that the Txuri Urdin had under control with the 0-2 and possession of the ball.

Yesterday's result cannot be understood without the decisive intervention of a referee who resurrected a Valencia who was dead after failing to usually do a penalty and see how Guevara and Isak they put the Real ahead before the break.

Penalty by Carlos Fernández

On the way back, and with the change of system that he imposed Imanol, Real controlled the game without any haste until in minute 58, in a set piece action, Pizarro
Gomez signaled a penalty for a stomp of Carlos
Fernandez to Paulista when it had already fired and had no option to do anything else. It was a fortuitous action but the referee did not hesitate to point out a penalty, also admonishing the Andalusian forward. Questionable.

Second yellow to Paulista

That a referee makes a mistake is human, what is reprehensible is that four minutes later, in an action in which Gabriel
Paulista kick in the chest! Carlos Fernández in his attempt to clear a ball, did not see a yellow that entailed expulsion. The same referee who had no qualms about admonishing the young man Urko
Zarate at six minutes, the same one that shortly before had shown a yellow to Carlos
Fernandez for an involuntary stomp, he forgave the second card to the Brazilian despite the danger of his action.

His decision, being serious and decisive, was even more so since shortly afterwards it was Paulista who made it 2-2 with a superb header.

Forgive the expulsion to Wass

Later, in the 76th minute, he admonished Daniel
Wass for a kick over Januzaj in which the Dane had no intention of playing the ball, but only tried to stop the dangerous advance of the txuri urdin by kicking him at the knee. It is surprising that here the VAR, which in the action of Paulista had nothing to say, he was silent and did not ask Pizarro
Gomez to come see the action.

Penalty on Isak

And to round off his afternoon, the referee did not appreciate the stomp of Wass on Isak within the area that not only would have allowed the Real to have a penalty in favor, but also would have caused the expulsion of the Danish, which as happened before with Carlos
Fernandez, should have been reprimanded. The VAR, with Diaz
Mere at the controls, he continued with the 'mute' activated.

Obvious decisions to which must be added a series of ‘shortcomings’ that ended up undermining a Real punished by injuries and by a terrible Pizarro