goodbye to 13 years of dating

The billionaire Juan Antonio Pérez Simónresident in Mexico but of Asturian origin, became the star guest at the lawyer’s birthday last Sunday Teresa Bueyes. Pérez Simón, at 83 years old, did not want to miss the party that was held at a property of the scrap metal king, Luis Miguel Rodríguez, a close friend of the birthday girl. The billionaire businessman and owner of what they say is the best private art collection in the world is newly single and after more than 13 years with Silvia Gómez Cuétara, ex-wife of Hermosilla and widow of Luis García Cereceda, has ended a relationship that never culminated in a wedding but that for purposes was as if they were married. The truth is that the businessman separated from his only legal wife, Josefina Carreras, with whom he has a daughter and a very cordial relationship, but without completely breaking that bond, since he did not take the step of signing. The divorce. Together with Josefina, Pérez Simón created the art and business empire that he owns today and that began when he became the right-hand man of the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slima close friend of Felipe González, who was the architect of introducing Silvia and Juan Antonio once she was widowed.

There have been many years of union and many trips and long stays between Mexico and Spain but the current circumstances have, for the moment, considered broken a relationship that was completely known, both inside and outside our country. At this moment, Silvia Gómez Cuétara is going through a delicate moment of health and remains on the sidelines of what is the front line of the showcase, a position that she has always had as her flag and that many consider her to be one of the most attractive women. and elegant on the social scene, being able to unseat Isabel Preysler herself.

In this new single status, Pérez Simón became the most greeted guest at the party. A discreet man, simple in manners and even with a confidence that could seem ridiculous compared to the acts that others, much less powerful, put on every time they appear in public, he enjoyed flamenco and even the voice of the singer Isabel Luna, who He performed some of his best-known songs. He didn’t start dancing, but it is clear that he likes the good customs of our country. In the end, his Asturian origin united him with many of the attendees, who were left wanting to be able to take a picture with the magnate, since his well-known discretion also includes living outside the networks, the bickering.

Who knows if this summer Pérez Simón will become one of the most sought-after golden bachelors on the social scene. At the moment and as far as I could see, he left the party just as he arrived: with his escort and the best of his smiles. We will see how this story ends, which promises to give new headlines.