Good days 28 of Atleti … except San Mamés in 2019

LaLiga returns for everyone where it stayed, day 28, and for Simeone, if he pulls the newspaper archive, it brings back good memories… until stopping last season. He wants destiny, call it Liga, that day 28 will be played in the same place and against the same rival: San Mamés, Athletic. And last season there he wrote his obituary with a 2-0 loss just after Turin. The Cholo team never raised their heads again. The season was gone in March, hopelessly stitched to that number, the 28, that except for his first season at the head of the rojiblanco bench, that 2011-12 he took half, had always smiled at the Argentine coach.

Because except for that first season that on the 28th day of the League Atlético lost against Mallorca 2-1 (with goals from Godín, own goal, and Pereira for the vermilion, then trained by Caparrós and Falcao for the rojiblancos), it had all been victories. Victories and goals. And against important rivals such as Seville or Valencia. It did not matter. Atlético always won, always won, fist in the air. In 2012-13, 2013-14 and until 2017-18. A path full of firm rojiblancas tiles, six in a row, (see results at the bottom of the news) … Until San Mamés last season.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Because what is written returns LaLiga and all the teams after the coronavirus stoppage where the pandemic left their calendars. Athletic and Atlético meet on Sunday June 14 at 13:00 in Bilbao, almost in a tracing of what it was last year, just after the return of the knockout stages of the Champions League. But if then that result, the defeat in Turin, dragged the rojiblancos in what little they had left, the league options, a possible assault on Barça and Madrid. This year that push is the opposite, all good feelings after the victory of the rojiblancos against the reigning champion of the Champions, Liverpool of Klopp, in the second round. Although two and a half months ago that … Day 28 will predict. Two weeks, after so much blackness, they only remain.

Results of Atlético with Cholo in the 28th day of the League

2011-12 Defeat: Mallorca-Atlético 2-1
2012-13 Victory: Osasuna-Atlético 0-2
2013-14 Victory: Atlético-Espanyol 1-0
2014-15 Victory: Atlético-Getafe 2-0
2015-16 Victory: Valencia-Atlético 1-3
2016-17 Victory: Atlético-Sevilla 3-1
2017-18 Victory: Atlético-Celta 3-0
2018-19 Defeat: Athletic-Atlético 2-0