Carrasco: “What all players want is to compete …”

Yannick Carrasco He valued the moment of Atlético, less than two weeks before starting the competition in Bilbao. Speaking to the club, the Belgian note the evolution in workload and thanks that they were able to start group training: “I am very happy to be able to see everyone and train together. At the end until now there was no group, everyone was in a part, but now we feel like a group again.”

Situation: “I'm fine. We have had a program from the teacher to work when we were locked up at home. It was a little easier when starting in the field, although it is true that the first few days it cost a little because it is not the same to train on a treadmill than to do it on the field with a ball. Now I feel much better and with the whole team it will be a different burden than when we were 6, 10, 12, 14 … Now it will be more difficult to get to the best of the League. “

Athletic Shield / Flag

Work confined: “Training at home without a specific reason costs a little. Now that we have the League and then the Champìons, the reason is to get there in the best possible way. What we all want is to compete.”

The new competition: “It is going to be a special game. Behind closed doors, as we have seen in Germany, it is a bit strange, but we are professionals. We will do our best so that the fans can see a beautiful game on TV.”