Gisela Pulido signs for Dorsia Covirán


The Spanish ‘rider’ Gisela Pulido, ten times kitesurfing world champion in the Freestyle category, will be part of the Dorsia Covirán, a J80 women’s team led by the owner and project manager Núria Sánchez Nomdedeu and who, starting this season, defends the pennant of the Alicante Royal Regatta Club.

Pulido, who is currently preparing for the Olympics in Formula Kite, will be part of the Dorsia Covirán crew in some regattas of the Iberdrola Women’s Sailing League, as long as his commitments in the pre-Olympic team allow it. Dorsia Covirán won the three editions of the Women’s Sailing League and achieved first and second place in the Copa del Rey in its last two participations.

“At Dorsia Covirán we never stop thinking about things to continue advancing and growing as a team. The possibility of incorporating Gisela arose, and why not? We proposed it to her, and she quickly agreed, with what we are very happy and grateful. We are not satisfied with little and we always want more and surprise”, indicated Núria Sánchez Nomdedeu.

For his part, Pulido described his signing as a “challenge”. “Only once have I raced on a boat, it was at the Queen’s Trophy in El Carmen with my coach Antonio Mínguez, before and after I had only done it with my board. That’s why I don’t know what functions they will entrust to me on the boat, but I am prepared to learn everything I can. I am a person who has a lot of feelings and sensations. I want to feel the boat, to know why it runs more or less. We go on a board with a foil, so we feel very little what it is to navigate, to feel new sensations”, he stated.

“The J80 is a boat that goes much slower than the kites, that upwind we go at 22 knots and 30 knots astern, while on the boat we will go at 6-7 knots, where tactical decisions are slower, it gives you I have time to think and that is why I think that sailing on a boat will help me to better understand the regattas. The most important thing is to have a good time, disconnect, make new friends and enjoy”, he added.

Pulido will count among her companions, among others, the double Olympic medalist Natàlia Via-Dufresne, as well as Núria Sánchez Nomdedeu: “I am going to have the best teachers”, concluded Pulido.