Ana Obregón pulls out nails: “Neither judges nor jurists are going to destabilize me, this baby needs me”

With all feedback of the information storm, Ana Obregon pulls out nails and throws defensive words. The photograph of her little girl in her arms, exposed on networks and in magazines, has also raised blisters. It has been via message, which Beatriz Cortázar has read in Ana Rosa’s program. “If they put me in any trouble, I don’t care in the slightest, My girl is American and Spanish at heart“.

The decision to bring his daughter-granddaughter into the world by surrogacy with sperm postmortem Aless Lequio’s was the most difficult yet. The media exposure of the baby is also being criticized. Ana Obregón, in defensive mode, has revealed that she does not care about her. That she puts the world behind her and that she has her girl in her arms. She says that she does not care about “bureaucracy and papers”, she is only interested in “being emotionally well to give all the love to the girl”, Cortázar has read. “Neither judges nor lawyers are going to destabilize me because this baby needs me“.

Are you insinuating that you would stay in the US?

Obregón’s message carried an explicit political reference: “You can see that elections are coming up in Spain and here you have to make a lot of noise and close a lot of smoke screens”. As for her papers for her return to Spain, she issues the notice: “If it’s going to cause me a lot of problems, my daughter is American, it’s that I don’t care, as if I don’t have to register her, she He has an American passport. Does she insinuate that she would stay to live in the US?