Girona have returned to play in Montilivi 92 days later. Pep Lluís Martí has ​​organized a training match this Sunday in the rojiblanco fief to try to go one step further in preparing for the league debut against Las Palmas next Saturday. The technician has distributed his staff into two teams and they have faced each other in a duel. The idea was to do a dress rehearsal and the feelings given off by the players have been very good.

The objective of this training match was for the players to start competing in a more real way and thus put into practice match situations. In addition, when playing behind closed doors, they have begun to become aware of what they will find in the last 11 remaining League matches. The Girona players have not been on the Montilivi turf since March 7, in the match against Albacete (1-1). Now three months later they have been able to relive sensations and Martí wants his squad to be placed on the competitive chip. Positive conclusions have been obtained from the duel and, without a doubt, one of them has been see Valery Fernández, who was seriously injured in the summer preseason and was unable to debut this year, at a good pace and ready to be important in this last section.

Girona Shield / Flag

Girona will visit Las Palmas in Gran Canaria next Saturday (19:30) and there is nothing else in the head of the rojiblanca squad to start in the best possible way. To reach the goal of direct promotion, the Martí team will have to cut eight points in the remaining 11 games. This is the distance at which they currently glimpse the second classified, Zaragoza. Johan Mojica already made it clear last Saturday in an interview for EFE that “this final stage is like a World Cup and we want to win it.” That is the mentality that prevails in Girona.

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