Julen Lopetegui, Sevilla coach, spoke in El Partidazo about #We will have a few days to start the League again. He will do it with one of the most beautiful derbies in Spain: Sevilla-Betis. The coach praises the League's choice to start this match, which he predicts will be “a unique and special match.”

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First match, Sevilla-Betis: “It was a good choice, it will be a unique and special game. There are many derbies in the world, but this is one of the most exciting. There will be worldwide media attention.”

How has the break affected?: “The break has not been good for anyone. We were fine before the break, but how you were does not matter now. We are going to play eleven games in record time. We have to adapt to reality in the best possible way.”

Betis: “The circumstances will be the same. We are two good teams. Betis was also in a good moment.”

Possible crowds: “I believe that everyone must comply with the rules of Health. We are all aware of what this game means, but in this case it will be different and the rules of Health will be respected. We will feel as if they were in the field. It is a stage new for everyone. We have to make an important effort and try to excite them. LaLiga is going to end and there will be exciting games. “

Banega barbecue: “That is history, it is over. The boys already said what they had to say. It was a mistake for which they apologized.”

Jémez: “The rhythm recovers by competing”

Rayo Vallecano coach Paco Jémez also spoke, who was concerned with the level at which they will reach the restart. He considers that “a week, 10 or 12 more days would have been good”.

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How are you?: “Fantastically well.”

I was not optimistic about the resumption: “That I have worried about other important things does not mean that I have not been optimistic. The situation has been improving and that makes us more optimistic to finish LaLiga with more calm than we could have anticipated. With so many deceased, our minds weren't in soccer. Soccer was totally secondary. I was always optimistic that it was going to be played ”

How are the players physically?: “A week, 10 or 12 more days would have been good. We would have liked to have more sessions, but it could not be. If I told you that we are fantastically well, it would not be true. The pace is only recovered by competing. We are nowhere near as competitive as we would be at this point. ”

Will there be bumps?: “I don't wish anyone a bump. We have to try to be among the 2 or 3 best teams in the category to fight for promotion. We are going to get into a puddle that we do not know how much it covers. Mindset will be very important. This will have nothing to do with three months ago. “

How many changes in the postponed match?: “We can make three changes. The conditions are the same as when we left it. ”


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