Gerard Piqué’s parents stand up for their son: “These have been very difficult months”

Joan and Montserrat they tucked in their son last Saturday in what was one of the hardest moments in the life of Gerard Piqué: say goodbye to the Camp Nou and its fans after two decades dedicated to the team. From there, both stood up for his son and defended him from the controversies that have haunted him in the last year: “It’s been a very difficult few months.”

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According to the journalist Lorena Vázquez, the Piqués discussed with some relatives in the box the real reason why their son has made this drastic decision: “He is leaving Barça now because he does not want to leave in a few months through the back door”. And they added: “The moment is this. Now he needs to be calm and solve his personal problems. They have been very complicated months.”

In fact, this very Monday, only 48 hours after his massive farewell in Barcelona, ​​Piqué met with Shakira and their respective attorneys at the home they shared to reach an agreement regarding the custody of their children, Milan and Sasha. Negotiations have gone on for months and despite their intentions to reach a friendly agreement and avoid a trial, there are points where understanding has been impossible: the place of residence. The Colombian artist wants to return to Miami and settle there with the children, something that Piqué refuses: “He is a good father and he wants to be a present father,” his lawyer said on Monday, Ramon Drummer.