David Aganzo: “We want the rights of soccer players to be respected, wars are not in their favour”


The president of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE), David Aganzo, said on Monday that the players are “the most important part of the world of soccer”, at the same time that he asked for greater recognition of their rights, to avoid “wars” that do not favor the world of football.

“Footballers are the most important part of football. We want the best for them, we have negotiated both with the League and with the Federation and the CSD. We want their rights to be respected and everything else that is war does not favor the world of football “, indicated the president of the AFE in the first edition of the AFE Awards held this Monday in Madrid.

In addition, Aganzo asked to leave the “egos” aside so that Spanish football is talked about “for what it achieves” and not for other reasons. “What we have to look at is for the good of the footballer and leave the issue of egos a little aside, so that Spanish football is talked about for what they achieve and not for wars,” he said.

The former player also spoke of the new Super League and, although he admits that “it cannot be allowed”, he pointed out that they need all the information. “Giving an opinion about something that is not there is difficult. The Super League we talked about, where there were only top-level teams and where the players had to compete more, it is clear that we cannot allow it. Another thing is a Super League in which they join competitions. You have to choose competitions that are beneficial for everyone and in which footballers have their rest to compete in all of them”, he asserted.

“With the information that I currently have, it is not what we want, because we do not have much more information. They have told us about special clubs where there were neither ups nor downs, where it was going to be very elitist and what we as a union do is defend to all the footballers, not only to four or five. But I believe that decisions have to be made with all the information”, settled.

On the other hand, Aganzo was excited about the arrival of the World Cup in Qatar, although he acknowledged that “these are difficult dates.” “It comes at a good time, without the fatigue of the whole year, although they are difficult dates because we are not used to them, in addition, the country is also complicated by the issue of how they treat women. We want a cool World Cup in which Spain of a good image and that soccer wins”, warned.

About the union itself, its president praised the work they currently carry out in the recognition of soccer players and, above all, of their rights. “The least we can do for the footballers is to give them recognition. Although it is not the AFE that gives it to them, but the footballers themselves. They have to forget about that war in which they try to get the footballer involved and that they look at the sport “, he remarked.

“We are in the best moment, football is changing, footballers are very protected and we also contribute to women’s football and to all the categories of the federation. At a general level we are at a very high level. We want to achieve excellence and in many of the categories you know the difficulties there are, but the footballers know that their union is with them”, he concluded.