Gérard Depardieu, accused of sexual harassment in his filming by 13 women

French actor Gérard Depardieu He has been accused of sexually harassing a total of 13 women in several of the filmings in which he has participated. Although he denies that said harassment has occurred, the complaint testimonies collected against the interpreter speak of attacks since 2004, although at the moment only the complaint for rape filed in 2018 by a young actress, Charlotte Arnould.

The accusations range from sexual harassment to inappropriate behavior and have been pointed out by 13 women, as published by the French digital newspaper Mediapartafter having carried out an exhaustive investigation of the different testimonies against the actor for several months.

According to the data made public, the execrable behavior of the French star took place from 2004 until 2022. Throughout those years, the actor had inappropriate sexual behavior during the performance of his professional work, according to reports the women who have come to blame him for his sexual violence.

The events occurred during the filming of eleven films and series in which the actor has worked, including titles such as Big House, The other Dumas o Marseille. They have been rumors and comments on social networks about the treatment that Depardieu habitually had with women that triggered the curiosity of the French media that has investigated the different complaints, until collecting them all.

The outlet claims to have collected the testimony of women who claim to have been the object of sexually inappropriate jokes or proposals, of varying severity, that the actor carried out on a regular basis. They also count among them actress Charlotte Arnould, who filed a complaint against Depardieu in 2018.

Although directors and producers of the different filming sets have denied having known about this sexual behavior by the actor, the testimonies of the women and other production workers indicate that it was known how Gerard was spending it with his companions, and that all the The world seemed to stand in profile before these harassments of the star.

Depardieu attacked without discrimination both actresses and fellow make-up artists or any other function in the filming team. “They testify to having been harassed with a hand on the ass, between the legs, on the thighs or on the belly, as well as with obscene sexual propositions and, sometimes, insistent moans,” the magazine explains in its text. They also insist that when the victims complained, they only got a “That’s right Gérard” in response.

As occurs in the world of opera with the behavior denounced against Placido Domingothe victims of the leading actor of the unforgettable Cyrano de Bergerac They did not report these events for fear that it would affect them negatively in the subsequent development of their professional careers. “One element that can be seen in these stories is the asymmetry between, on the one hand, often young and precarious women starting their careers, and on the other, a world-famous actor, whose mere presence allows the film to be financed.” explains published research.

Depardieu’s lawyers have already made it clear that these claims are very “subjective assessments and (or moral judgments” and that, of course, the actor denies everything. Depardieu will have to go to trial in the Arnould case. The actress was an old friend of the star, whom the girl accused of raping and assaulting her in her Paris mansion on two occasions, when she came to him for professional advice.