María Pedraza ‘changes’ Álex González for a Majadahonda pilot: one nail drives another nail

The breakup rumors surfaced months ago but this Wednesday they are confirmed thanks to some photos of Maria Pedraza with his new illusion, a pilot from Majadahonda. The 27-year-old actress and also an actor Alex Gonzalez (42) seemed to have an idyllic relationship, but love also breaks.

the protagonist of Elite has been photographed at the Portuguese Grand Prix with the motorcycle pilot Víctor López, according to the magazine Hola on its inside pages. They walked arm in arm and also by the waist, showing themselves to be very complicit in this new phase of their lives.

He is not yet very well known, he does not reach 8,000 followers on Instagram, but he began his sports career in 2015 and, among his achievements, winning the Spanish ESBK Legends Cup last year. He also competes successfully in the ManxGP, one of the most complex races in the world. Now it is Pedraza who supports him in each of his steps.

The actress of The Money Heist and Álex González, for their part, began dating in mid-2021 and, although they did not excessively boast of their relationship, they did not hide in their day-to-day life and on social networks either.

In the last Goya Awards, held in Seville in February, they did not pose together before the flashes. At that time, rumors of a crisis began to surface, although it is common for actor couples not to pose together at events of this type to separate labor of love. Be that as it may, Pedraza has broken up with the actor from Land of wolveswhom he met on the set of the series Toy Boy, and is excited again. Long live love.