Georgina says that the rumors of her crisis with Cristiano are pure “envy”: “Idiots believe it”

The intense rumors that the idyllic relationship between Cristiano y Georgina could be going through its worst moment, they have made the model share a significant message on social networks in response: “The envious invents the rumor, the gossip spreads it and the idiot believes it.”

Until now, both had kept silent about it and Rodríguez had only limited himself to Post pictures of your latest job. Now, in another of his stories of Instagram, the one who has become a star of Netflix also shared an image with her children and wrote: “My life”.

The murmur about the crisis between the two emerged from the portuguese presswhich pointed out the “egocentric” and “spendthrift” attitude of the protagonist of I’m Georgina as the reason why the footballer would be considering putting an end to their story together.

It should be remembered that together with Cristiano and his five children Christian Jr.Twins Eva y Mateo, Alana Martina and the little one Bella EsmeraldaThey have formed a great family. All have supported each other in mourning for Ángel, Bella’s twin brother that Georgina lost in childbirth a year ago. “It is the greatest pain that parents can feel,” they wrote when they announced the death of the baby.