Georgina Rodríguez, viralized in a bikini: the super hot pose and this Kardashian roll

“Each sky has its hue.” This is how the posadísimo starts Georgina Rodriguez on his Instagram profile. The blue bikini is nothing compared to the mega-empowered attitude of the model, influencer and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo. This really is the inn of summer.

First picture. Ronaldo’s girlfriend appears walking on the terrace of his impressive house. Under the sun and with her glasses on, she approaches the pool.

Second photo. Georgina, wearing sunglasses, sitting on the curb of her, smooths her hands through her hair. Half of her body, underwater. Great effect of the image, which shows us hips (impressive) that are very reminiscent of the iconic hips of the model and super businesswoman Kim Kardashian.

Third pose in the hammock, with soda in hand (drinking). Georgina, her hair wet, has already taken a dip in the pool. In the background, two cars. The networks burn.