Genoveva Casanova talks about the roneo of her friend Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel: “I love them very much”

Genoveva Casanova She is one of the best friends of dove caveswhich is why your opinion about the ex of Henry Ponce and the singer Luis Miguel. It must be remembered that rumors of a possible relationship between the two surfaced in the summer, when Informalia He already said that both were having dinner in Madrid, in a very high-end Chinese restaurant, located in a five-star hotel.

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Since then the encounters have been constant, although the Cordovan woman’s environment denied us the wedding rumors that surfaced through different means (and that still do not stop). Casanova, in this regard, has said in the magazine Week: “I love them both very much, and neither of them has talked to me about a wedding.”

He doesn’t go into whether or not they have a romantic relationship, but adds: “Honestly, it’s a subject I don’t want to go into because I have a lot of respect for the private lives of the people I love.”

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Thus, he limits himself to saying: “I have a lot of love for them and all I want is for them to be happy. Really, I have no idea of ​​the situation they have.” If finally Paloma and Luis Miguel took the step, “let them be the ones to say what is appropriate.”

Their lives had intersected many times but never like now: being Ponce’s ex and the singer without partners and free as taxis. Luis Miguel, 52, takes two out of Paloma, and they have known each other since time immemorial. Palomita and Bianca’s mother broke up with the Valencian bullfighter two years ago and Luis Miguel, for his part, ended up, also about two years ago, with the twenty-year-old dancer Mollie Gould.