Gemma Cuervo conquers the networks after opening a TikTok account at 87 years old: “Your soul will always be beautiful”

Gemma Cuervoone of the most recognized actresses on the big screen, surprised everyone last week when a profile of TikTok at 87 years old.

The mother of Cayetana y Fernando Guillén Cuervo He landed on social networks to have closer contact with his followers and keep them informed of his day-to-day life. With this decision, the famous actress There is no one living here He showed that it is never too late to start something new.

In her 87 trips around the sun, Gemma is a lady of cinema, television and theater. Now, she dares to use social networks: “Hello, I’m Gemma Cuervo and today I launch my social networks, no less. So I want many, many ‘followers’. You already know that ‘followers’ are followers. Until now. I love you”, He commented looking at the camera with frankness and tenderness.

After this first video, which received a whopping 972,000 ‘Likes’, reactions from around the world did not take long to arrive. Several well-known faces in our country have wanted to show her their admiration and affection: “Beautiful. We will all follow you. I love you,” she dedicated to him. Loles Leon.

Many anonymous people and followers also wanted to join this wave of messages and love to offer their support in this new adventure of the digital world: “You have entered our homes to make us smile, get excited, and dream, why not. You will always be our great friend “. “Your soul will always be beautiful Gemma. Your age doesn’t matter, what matters is your energy”, some of his fans confessed to him.

Another of the comments that the actress received was from Benito, a 42-year-old fanatic follower who confessed his “fear of having a birthday” and of getting “older.” Gemma, for her part, reacted nostalgically and did not hesitate to give him one of her veteran pieces of advice: “Don’t be afraid of your birthday. They help you be happy, to be prettier. They help you with everything. And when you are one year old If you don’t like it, put it away. “Turn life around”he declared.