Deportivo defends that it followed “all the protocols” with Miguel Llorente


This Tuesday, RC Deportivo supported the actions of the Galician club in the ‘Miguel Llorente case’, former coach of the entity’s women’s team, by following “all the compliance protocols that were established at the time”, and for which they relied in “independent professionals”.

“After reviewing all the information available to the Club, we conclude that at the time those responsible followed all the compliance protocols that were established at the time, relying on independent professionals in this process,” the entity said in a statement on the former coach of the women’s team.

This is how the Galician team responded to the information from ‘Relevo’, which expressed that Miguel Llorente addressed his footballers in the 2021-2022 season with expressions such as “I don’t care that she is deaf, she is spoiled”, “all black people are equals”, “she has become fat”, “that one was hit (referring to having sexual relations with her)”, according to various testimonies published by the sports media.

Given this, RC Deportivo insisted that “this is a matter that occurred and was resolved two seasons ago and currently none of the people linked to it are still in the club’s organizational chart.” Although they took the opportunity, “beyond the resolution taken at the time,” to “deeply regret that anyone may feel inadequately treated.”

“We always strongly condemn, as it cannot be otherwise, any attitude that does not correspond to the values ​​of respect and equality that football should represent,” the club was categorical, recalling that “the commitment of the current Board of Directors is rigorously guarantee compliance with the sporting and conduct codes” in its teams.

Finally, the entity hopes to continue “moving forward with this conviction for the present and future” of Deportivo “with all the mechanisms” at its “reach.”