Gabriela Guillén shocks when talking about her birth: “My son and I almost died”

Gabriela Guillén has already given birth to the seventh child of Bertin Osborne, although the ranchera singer is going to subject the child to a paternity test to check if the child is his or not. In the midst of controversy over the statements that the presenter gave in her exclusive checkout, the 31-year-old model revealed what the birth was like.

“My son and I almost died, I don't even want to remember it, my mother had a terrible time, she also got very bad,” the Paraguayan woman told Antonio Rossi, as the journalist revealed this Wednesday on Telecinco. “Her cord twisted, I lost consciousness, she gave me arrhythmia and a tear.”

The process was complicated: “I was in the hospital since Friday and I left yesterday,” he recalled. About his son, Guillén has also said: “He is beautiful, blonde and even his eyebrows are blonde.”

Bertín, for his part, was quick to give an exclusive before the birth of the child. He was published this Wednesday in her main magazine: “I had a short relationship with her and, one day, he told me that he was expecting a child. I told him: 'Look, since you have two options, you should know that I will be helping with either of them. But it is not my turn to be a father again now. I have decided that I do not want to be a father. I'm not going to be a father. She said that she 'didn't care', that she was going to have it anyway. It's her responsibility. She has made a decision that is absolutely reasonable and that I applaud, and for which there is no problem on my part“.

Regarding the paternity test that he wants to ask for, he added: “Hey, what if it's confirmed to be mine? I am a responsible guy and I will help and take care of whatever I have to take care of. That's all. There is nothing more to tell. It has not been a very long relationship and it has ended in this way… But I have nothing but good words for her.” And he insists: “I have simply decided that I am not going to be a father. That I do not want to be a father”. For these words, Fabiola Martínez's ex has been highly criticized on social networks.

Despite everything, he has come out in defense of the mother of his alleged son: “Gabriela is a great girl, let's keep this going! Gabriela is a very good person. Very atractive. Very hardworking. Very decent. I can't speak highly enough of her. And I've heard somewhere that… Yes, money, yes, interest… No, no and no!“.

In recent months, Guillén has been disappointed with the singer on the set of Sonsoles Ónega: “I really regret having been with him and believing the people around him,” she said in November, in the final stretch of her pregnancy. The two met in mid-2022 during a photo shoot for a fashion brand. “I see her sometimes and I have a good time with her but she is not my girlfriend,” Bertín said in April of this year, after she confirmed on Antena 3 that they were together. The statements and cross information have been constant after the news of the pregnancy was known in July of last year.