From the heartbreaking message of Ana Obregón to the heartbreak of Joana Sanz for Mother’s Day

The first Sunday of May is usually a very happy day for mothers. Many of them receive congratulations from their children in person and also through social networks. Other mothers who sadly passed away are remembered with great tenderness. Others, like Ana Obregonthey remember their deceased children and their roles as mothers.

the protagonist of Ana and the 7fully topical for the surrogate motherhood of his daughter-granddaughter, Ana Sandra Lequio Obregónhas written: “Happy Mother’s Day. My Shrew Boy, I will be your mother forever. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers: to the mothers who are lucky enough to have their children alive but especially to the mothers who have had to return their son to heaven”.

The actress has promoted her book, the one she started writing Aless Lequio and whose profits from the copyright will go to cancer research: “The boy with the shrews, the best gift for a mother”, she has sentenced, along with a video in which she reads a fragment of the book, finished by her: “I will never forget that Mother’s Day in New York. You sneaked out of the hotel fresh from chemo while I was taking a shower to buy me a bouquet of white roses.”

Joana Sanzwho this Saturday revolutionized social networks for the birthday greetings to his ex, Dani Alveshas also rescued a photo of her mother, who died shortly before her husband entered prison, accused of alleged rape: “Happy day, mom. I miss you so much…”.

bethlehem esteban He has shared a photo of his mother, Maria del Carmen Sanchez Menendezwith whom he has surely shared confidences about the abrupt cancellation of Save mewhich will stop airing from June 16.

Lolita Flores He has remembered his mother, La Faraona: “Congratulations mom and all the mothers”. rose benedict He has done the same with his own: “My mother. How soon you left mom, but you were the best mother that my brothers and I could have. There is not a single day that I don’t remember you, that I don’t name you. How important a mother. Like you I wanted to be me. I don’t know if I have succeeded, what I do know is that I have tried and that I have wonderful children. Thank you mom for everything you taught me.”

Chenoa He has also opened his profile to congratulate his mother on this special day: “It is my favorite photo of my mother. Beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you infinitely.” Paula Echevarria He has surprised his followers with a pose with his parents and their children: “Mommy, every day I try to be as good a mother as you and that Daniella and Miki are as proud of me as I am of you. Thank you for loving me and taking care of me always the way you do. I love you mom. Happy day to all mothers.”

Toni Morenoproud mother of little Lola, has also moved her fans: “I would repeat a thousand times. The best decision of my life. To all of you, who know the true meaning of the word love. Congratulations. Mom, how lucky to have you. I love you”.

The actress Cristina Castaño He has also added to the congratulations: “Happy Day, mommy. Thank you for giving me the most valuable thing I have: life. And for taking care of me and loving me along with my four brothers: Toni, Nacho, Marga and Luis. And thanks for all the confidence that, together with dad, you made my artist girl feel since she was little. Without a doubt, it has been the best support for me to continue betting and believing in me today. I love you”.

Alba Carrillo She has also proudly boasted of the mother she has: “To the proud daughters and loving mothers. Happy Mother’s Day.” Lourdes Montes has another message: “Congratulations to all mothers, especially mine. I feel tremendously lucky to have her every day of my life, thank you mommy.” Like Maria Pombopregnant with her second child with Pablo Castellano: “My number 1. Happy day to all mothers and to those who are looking to become one.”