From Tana Rivera and her mature boyfriend to Carlos Herrera and Pepa Gea: Seville’s Holy Week gives a lot of itself

As every year, some of our most popular and devoted national celebrities have taken to the streets of Seville to watch the Holy Week processions. Of Tana Rivera with her boyfriend Manuel Vega to journalists Carlos Herrera y Paper Geawho got married last December in New York.

The daughter of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and her businessman boyfriend, ten years older than her, have melted into cuddling this Good Friday while they watched the procession of the Cristo de la Esperanza de Triana go by. Months ago they faced rumors of infidelity on his part, although it was all that, rumors. Their first public appearance as a couple took place in February of last year, when they attended a fashion event in Seville to support Fran Rivera’s wife, Lourdes Montes, in the parade of her new collection.

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On the part of Carlos Herrera and Pepa Gea, they have contained their desire to hug in public and have been seen at a steady pace through the streets of the Seville Capital, while the COPE announcer answered his mobile phone. During this Holy Week they have enjoyed more than one procession in Seville. Mariló Montero’s ex and the Onda Cero journalist said ‘yes, I want’ last December at a discreet wedding held in New York.

Most famous at Easter

Eva Gonzalez and the little one Cayewho is already five years old, on Holy Thursday in the Triana neighborhood.

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Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, Fran Rivera, Lourdes Montes, Tana Rivera and Manuel Vega on Holy Thursday. The daughter of the Duchess of Alba and the bullfighter made us witnesses, once again, of the good relationship they have.

Susana Diazthe former socialist president of the Junta de Andalucía, also on Holy Thursday.