Ana Obregón: the date on which she has to leave the apartment she has rented in Miami

Ana Obregon she takes care of her granddaughter in the Miami apartment she rented to be calm with the girl and shower her with care in her first moments of life. While the media storm falls in our country, the actress works on legal issues to be able to bring Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón without problems to Spain.

The presenter has been living since March 16 in this apartment on the seafront. The girl was born on March 20, two days before the magazine came out Hola with Ana on the cover, at the gates of the Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, in a wheelchair with the child.

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A week later, Obregón spoke and showed the girl’s face in an exclusive for the same weekly, thus selling the little girl’s privacy in her first days of life (as did she and Alessandro Lequio with his son Aless when he was born). Ana, in this interview to introduce her granddaughter, also opened a door that, to say the least, is impressive: “Man, I would have liked a boy too, but who knows? My son wanted to have five children, so maybe the child also arrives one day,” he confessed.

Days later, the date on which Ana plans to leave the house where she lives in Miami with the little girl has been announced: June 16, according to the magazine. Week this Friday. On her social networks, Ana has posted videos from the apartment most sought after by the paparazzi.

In June the baptism of Ana Jr will also be celebrated in Madrid. The artist wants the little girl to receive the baptismal waters in the dress worn by her father, Aless Lequio, according to Marisa Martín Blázquez.

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At this point, the protagonist of Ana and the 7 could run into a problem, since the aforementioned dress belongs to the family of Alessandro Lequio, who would not agree with the actress’s decision to become a grandmother-mother thanks to the semen of her son who died in May 2020. The suit of the We are talking about even the emeritus Don Juan Carlos wore it to receive baptismal waters, as well as his three children and eight grandchildren. In the Lequio family he was taken by Aless and Ginevra, the count’s daughter with María Palacios.