from Ibiza to the Hamptons

The singer is enjoying an idyllic vacation with her husband, Jay-Z, in the Hamptons, and she is killing it with her summer poses and looks. The last one, a ‘made in Spain’ from the brand Charo Ruiz, one of the favorites of famous countries like Paula Echevarria or even the Queen Letizia. It is a white dress, fresh and very sexy, that has caused a sensation among her thousands of followers.

Made of mesh with cotton and composed of a lace fabric and straps that frame the neckline, the dress, with a skater silhouette, highlights the figure of the artist and her unique style, which combines elegance with a casual summer touch. This Charo Ruiz design (€389) not only captured the essence of relaxed Hamptons glamour, but also reflected the influence of Beyoncé in contemporary fashion.

This is not the first time that the artist has turned to this Ibizan firm, as Alberto Amador, Charo Ruiz’s creative advisor, has told in Harper’s Bazaar: “Beyoncé’s team contacted our team in Los Angeles. She had already worn the brand last year, when she chose several garments for her holidays although she had not been seen in them in public. We know that she loves how Charo Ruiz’s patterns look on her figure and we could say that she has become one of our loyal customers,” she said. “The dress that Beyoncé has chosen is one of the brand’s star silhouettes. What’s new about it is that it’s a new mesh fabric that Charo has started to work with and experiment with, which defines the silhouette very well.”

This is not the first time that Beyoncé has worn Spanish fashion. In 2023, the artist worked with the Asturian designer Arturo Obegero, who made several of the dresses she wore on stage, and with the firm Loewe, who designed one of the most striking jumpsuits in the entire collection, as well as a rhinestone jumpsuit and metallic cargo pants, matching her daughter Blue Ivy.

Although her favorite, of course, is Palomo Spain, who made a magnificent mauve dress exclusively for her and which she wore on the day she announced the birth of her twins, in 2018. Four years later, she once again trusted Spain to dress in the campaign. from Tiffany & Co, for which she was an ambassador, and in which she wore a black taffeta coat with XXL shoulder pads, a train and puffed sleeves.